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Ever go back through your spiritual books or a book and get a new meaning or message. If your guides or angels ever lead you back to a book you have, pick it up. Who knows what your going to get from that book 2nd time around. Recently I picked up a book that a friend gave me 12 years ago. I was spiritually closed then, I just wished I had walked the path much sooner, back then, I thought it was kind of scary. And all a long it was my angels trying to get through to me. Do not let 12 years go by before you let your Angels show you the way. Can you believe I was afraid of all of this stuff, crazy when I think about it now, religion taught me to be afraid.

My angels taught me to have the freedom to think for myself and co-create my future, so happy that I am finally here. I wish the same for you–the FREEDOM to do as you please with GOd’s blessing. How does that sound?

Love your soul sister,


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Going Home

Last night I went home, in fact at 2 am in the morning they were telling me to go to bed already…ha, ha– kind of funny, actually. When I woke up I remember being on a star-ship, seeing our planet, planet earth from a distance and at the same time having a telepathic conversations with other angels on the other side about bringing more love and peace to Earth. . Its quite interesting, I like that they are letting me remember more to share with everyone. Did you know the angels can appear to us in human form-I am told they will make it obvious, very obvious. I cant wait for one to manifest where I know it. I’m asking for them to do this to me soon, as I write this, so exciting!! See life can be even more fun than you ever thought possible.


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Tonight’s Meditation

I don’t know where to start it, was so darn AMAZING!!

Tonight we astral traveled to the 3 pyramids in Egypt, apparently many E.T’s were already there waiting for us. The day before; yesterday. I had channeled someone from space saying “be VERY excited for tomorrow” so I knew something Great was going to happen, but they didn’t tell me anything else. Last night I even heard the space crafts before I went to bed, it was so loud. The And a few nights ago I saw 3 over the ocean. My friends from the other side even encouraged me to start a group for spiritually like minded people, who may want to advance in their spirituality.

My friend was Channeling the Sirian contact. When we first got there, he acknowledged all of us for coming. He was right in front of us. He said my 2 friends by name, which I will not disclose for the purpose of their privacy. Then I could feel everyone around us, all my friends from the other side. There were many of them around us. It felt like home because of them. I got all choked up. The Sirian called out my name: Nefertiti. Somehow it made me feel better for coming to earth again. Tears dropped from my face, I couldn’t help it. I was happy to be there with them. I just wish I could of seen them all, I could only see all their energy around us, thats how they were coming through for me tonight. I wish I could explain what it feels like when the past meets the present, its surreal. Like nothing you would experience on earth. These are moments you wait for and when they finally happen your conscious mind and unconscious meet in part disbelief and total happiness. Utter bliss!!

As we were inside the pyramid. I could see the ancient looking, gray, thick stone, it looked like a long trail headed somewhere. We had to stay together, so I couldn’t wander off. Also I remembered something a friend told me, how he saw me in Egypt. I drew a picture of it. Anyhow I knew I was suppose to channel the light from the sky to the pyramid, so I concentrated and I started channeling the light in because I felt I was suppose to do that. I just knew to do it, my Angel showed me the picture. My friends said they saw it when I did it. My 1st guy friend was getting the audible messages, the other one was seeing video and I was seeing stuff & I could see was all the light everywhere from the light beings/E.T’s and the light from the sky.

We asked many questions, Here are the 2 questions I know most of you are wondering about:

ME: How will Ascension change people on Earth: Sirian: Its about energy and vibration. There will be lots more energy.

ME-Will many people wake up spiritually? Sirian: Only some.

They also said that people will be exchanging alot more energy in general, seeing and experiencing more. I’m so excited. Its hard to get to that mega theta state at will with a lower vibration, so you really have to raise your vibration. Also that this should somehow help calm the entire planet, bring more peace to people and their worrisome minds.

Vibration levels range from 100-1000 . At 100 people are Angry, they say most of the population is at 200-300, so I guess the planet can use this vibration boost and towards 1000 is total peace.

Usually only a few humans are at a 1000-like avatars ,like our Angelic brother Jesus. If you are an incarnate Angelic you may have that type of potential. I feel that you can definitely get up over 600. Just get to work. And The Angels and light beings/ET’s are at such a high vibrations for us to see, hear, feel them; we have to be raise our vibration. This is why I always say meditate or work on your spiritual path. Its the only way to see them. Its so worth it, even if it takes a while. Trust me, I was a sleep a few years ago compared to where I’m at now. Although Ive always had my gifts, I didnt do anything with them. Now I can channel lots more, because I put it on full throttle.

So this means do your part, so you can wake up and experience all this cool stuff.

We also astro traveled to the monastery my cat came from, he so psychic. As we focused our intention to go there, my cat meowed. Amazing! He hadn’t come near the meditation room until my friend said, shall we visit the monastery…

A "house altar" (c. 1350 BC) depicti...

A “house altar” (c. 1350 BC) depicting Akhenaten, Nefertiti and three of their daughters.


your soul sister,


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Inner Peace

I think people sometimes under estimate the value of inner peace. I have seen so many people; men and women grow through break ups, family problems, work issues, friend problems, spiritual, death and  just be completely drained from whatever ordeal they went through. Remember that inner peace is your foundation in life and is truly valuable as all your logical decisions come from that inner peace. Like they say about various products, yet this is about your mind-it’s PRICELESS!

I remember when I went through a divorce some 8 years ago, I was just so happy to be over and done with it. I use to say “boring is good”. Perhaps thats hard to fathom that anyone would wish for a boring life, yet when you go through an emotionally challenging time period in your life, its easy to think and want, really. Yes there’s a lot of excitement in life, so choose it wisely, so there are no real headaches the next day, you know, or like I say crap to clean up.

My ex-husband and I weren’t really as good of a match as I had first thought. Once we lived together he turned out to be a really different person. He would complain about just everything. He was a perfect human being on the outside,  yet a complete mess on the inside. So my advice to all of you men and women, do your homework, really get to know the person when your dating, their families, friends and ask those hard to ask questions. I was in my 20’s at the time and I did what most 20 somethings do and say, “I cant ask those questions”. Its not whether you can or whether you should or not– YOU MUST, especially if you want to get serious with this person. It will be the only way you can possibly figure out if this is just dating fun or marriage material. Trust me, theres nothing worst than getting blindsided, like I did. Do Not let it happen to you.

I spent 3  years in the relationship and probably 3-5 years getting over it. So, next time you date someone who doesn’t quite fit you, ask yourself do you have 8 + years to throw away?

No one will be everything to you, yet I do believe both must see eye to eye on core values such as; spirituality/religion, finances, children, family, temperaments, living arrangements, expectations, etc. Or be able to agree on the differences you have.

I will include different dating tests at some later time.

Heres the 1st one:

write your top 10 core values then rate them between 1-10.

add them up and ask yourself is this good enough for you?

Heres my example:

list                              rate 1-10

1.Spiritual                       8

2. respect                        8

3. Job                              9

4. Family values           9

5. wants children         7

41/50  score: B

Then total the score.

You can the idea, depending on how long you want to make this list. I suggest no more than 15.


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Soul brother

Wow, today I was shopping for groceries and I went to another store to pick up a gift for a friend. Then I saw an Angel in my 3rd eye, I walked around a little more-thinking, get the person an Angel…? Then I walked a few minutes more and then I was shown where to go. So I instantly left the store, hoped in my car and went to where I was told to go.

Anyhow it was a shop I had been to before, so I wasn’t sure the reason for my visit. I looked around there was nothing I needed, I got “keep looking” and then I thought: I think I need to talk to the man behind the counter, so I did. He told me that he made a pendant of an Angel out of crystals. Which I do like, yet that was not why I was there.
Anyhow I know he is a soul brother, he isn’t quite awake yet. Then I was admiring some of his small collectables. Also he was telling me about all the angels he bought to sell in his shop and his glass pieces people insists on buying. He even made an Angel pendulum because I requested it. Which is nice. Then I saw something else that was awesome, ” it was a collectors item”. A bible from long ago, that he just acquired. An hour or so before I arrived. Accident? I think not. I got to touch and looked at it. Its amazing how the content was worded differently, the format was slightly different and the paper was that darker tan brown color. It was just great to see.

Recalling what I heard on the radio a few weeks to a month back, the announcer mentioned a man acquiring a special edition of the bible. I heard this ad several times, over several weeks; then I was thinking wow, I’d love to see that. Who knew, I that would. God can make anything happen, BELIEVE!


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Collective Consciousness

Information Downloads:

If you haven’t experienced this already its when the other side downloads you with information. Youll wake up remembering Universal truths you’ve heard about and perhaps did not known what the words expressed meant exactly.

Anyhow last night I must of either been night traveling or had an collective conscious download as I remember someone say: “We are one”. It was really clear and that is what I remembered this morning as I woke up. Keep meditating, you maybe one day closer to your break through.

Peace, Love and prosperity.


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This Statue of Shiva is Approximately 65 feet ...

What can I say meditation is such a powerful tool and is one key for you to awaken further and advance spiritually. Ive come along way since I started to this specifically over 4 years ago. Finding this inner peace is super valuable, also if there are people who through you off emotionally because you are an empath, limit your time with them. I always use my bubble of protection and ground. I know it is their feelings, yet if you are an empath, then you can understand what I’m talking about it. Unless you have this spiritual gift, one can not image how distracting this is.

Moon mother,

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Usually I take a hike in nature several times a week. Its good for the soul. There is a trail near me that I love. There is only one problem at times. There are coyotes, often they yelp and eat the small dogs in the neighborhood. That is why I’m so protective of my cat. I know he finally gets it, he is very intuitive and very smart. Anyhow I often go there, usually I can sense the coyotes once my feet hit the trail, it’s almost like having acute sensory acuity. I can’t smell them, it’s like I feel there presence. It’s very surreal, I always send positive messages because usually it’s just a few minutes before they walk in front of me. It never fails. Sometimes when I’m not bogged down with thinking about everything I must do I can hear my angel warning me. You know you have to be in that state to get audible messages.
Today the same thing happened I was walking my cat and I sensed a coyote in the neighborhood. Even the cat looked up, it was weird it was like I was a wolf for a second as I picked it up super strong, this time. I feel it had to do with my cat. I looked around, where could it be, I felt it was near. Then I heard a poor dog yelping and others barking, it had caught something, a small dog. I told the cat: let’s go, he didn’t hesitate like he usually does. He ran quickly, then I picked him up.


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One day last year I was on this date. It was somewhere in Topanga Canyon in the middle of the forest, where you can eat over looking a trail, trees and the reserve or under the cabana side. Well it would have seemed as the cabana side would of been where anyone would want to be because of the holiday decorations, lights and coverings. There was a wedding going on that day, and that he didn’t know about. My date apologized to me. I knew there was a reason we were going to be seated on the other side. I told him the other seating was just fine. Anyhow as dinner was about to be served I said wouldn’t it be cool if we saw a deer. I must of sensed it as I had never been there before. My date just looked me. I then asked the waitress if they ever saw any animals that came by, she said no. About 5 minutes later a deer and a doe walked right in front, across the stream of water, on the other side, it was totally amazing. I asked the waitress when was the last time she saw the deer she said, “I’ve been here for 8 years, and this is the first time.” Wow what a treat!


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The Dating game

I am writing this for women looking to find a mate. I hope my insights on dating will help you find TRUE LOVE, as I know it is not an easy task.

English: diamond engagement ring in platinum -...

English: diamond engagement ring in platinum – Maia :

I have many men friends and I do listen to what they tell me it is always valuable when they are being completely honest. And have no interest in you.

1. Be yourself, if they do not like you how you are now, isnt it better to find out now than later? At the end of the day this is not a movie, this is real life. Save the acting for class.

2. Do not chase after men, let them court you. Most men prefer the one they have to chase, so let them. Let them earn the reward of being with you. I know your worth it but he doesn’t know that yet. Its okay to show you are interested. Do not mistake what I mean here.

3. Do not expect too much too soon. Example: a commitment. Let them come to the conclusion that they do not want to share you. Also do not be overly eagerly. Live your life and work them into your life without compromising your needs.

4. Men respect women who respect themselves. Many men will want to date me because I expect more. I believe its psychological, you get what you pay for or in this case willing to work for. If they aren’t willing to give effort now what makes you think they will do it when your married. Of course you will have to do your part but initially let them court you, men can be so primitive.

5. Practice good communication. Those who can accurately communicate their needs and wants nicely wins. Tone is important. No men I know want to date a nag. This can even trigger a memory of someone they dont like in their past, so resist nagging, encourage talking.

6. Positive reinforcement: Always thank them for their efforts and affirm them for whatever they do right. Who wants to give, give, give with no reward? no one, so remember this.

7. Give and Take: as the relationship progresses, remember to give and take. Say he take you to a fancy dinner, its been 3 months, offer to make him dinner. Or if you prefer it be away from either of your homes, buy event tickets somewhere, men appreciate the gesture. I always surprise my Honey with surprise events. Men love interesting women, who love life, people and make life fun. So be willing to try something new if you do not like any of the things he likes or go find another man…lol

8. Be light hearted: Do not take the 1st few dates too serious. Just get to know them, go with the flow. You don’t have to decide to marry each other just yet. Have fun, see if you have things in common.

9. Things to discuss: These are things you should talk about: fundamentals that are important to you. I call these deal breakers. Work them into conversation, do not use ultimatums. Such as if you dont tie your shoe laces this way, Im not going to out with you. Example: Since God is important to me, its fair to say I wouldnt waist my time with someone who doesnt believe in God. Although I respect where they are in their life, I do not need to marry it or fix them. Remember this otherwise you will waste time and have to cut your losses later. Focus on your core values that they must have, say: your top 10, do not make a ridiculous wish list of 50. No one is perfect and you are not dating an imaginary figure from the movies.

10. Never tell a man what to think or what to do: Lets face it, men are smart and they hate being directed. Most of the men I know what to be the leader in a relationship or be in a partnership that is equal. Figure out what kind of man they are. Most men are not going to date someone they feel wants to dominate them. Lead them in conversation where they make their own choice of the outcome. Also allow them to express their view openly without criticism.

11. If you are in your 30’s & want children: consider what amount of time is enough for getting to know a man. Where you will wait for an engagement ring: 6,9,12 months until you get that commitment. If your biological clock is ticking, then it will be your job to make sure your man is on the same page with your biological clock, timing,& long term plans. Men do not worry about this since they can father children until they are 80. Bring it up generally speaking within the first few months to see if you are in alignment with each others wants, values and needs. Yet definitely when you get to the 6 month mark, you will need to decide if they fit the bill, so to speak. As there is no reason to even date a man if you want kids and they don’t. Or they do not see a future with you and you are ready for that level of commitment. You can not change a man, so do not try. It is a big waste of time. It is easier to find a different man, trust me on that one!!! There are 8 billion people on the planet, I am sure there is 1 man out there that wants the same thing you do.

12. Got to date to win. The only way to find a good relationship is to interview with a variety of men to find it. Men do this to us. So keep in mind, they call it single because you are single and free. Free to do as you please until they put a ring on that finger. Yes you need to hear that, because thats how they think. If they are not talking commitment with you its because they don’t want one. Sell them on the benefits of being with you while your dating and let them decide if that is what they are seeking in their life.

To be continued, many exciting dating adventure, stories to share.

Moon Mother, Nefertiti

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