Do Roses having HEALING POWER?

Rose et amour....rosa y amor ....rose d'amour ...

Rose et amour….rosa y amor …

Did you know Roses have healing power.

Personally I always know if someone nears me, needs healing. As my rose bush will produce 1 flower. If you are like me and are blessed with healing energy, putting that energy into a rose, can literally heal them in some way and help a person. If you are a light worker or have healing energy or simply want to share your love in this way, try it. One day I saw my work friend and a mixer, she looked pale. She told me she had cancer. The angels told me to touch her. Th e next week she invited to her goodbye surgery party. I wasn’t going to go. Yet the angels told me she needed me, so I went. As I was leaving I had one rose ready in my garden. They told me to blow in it and take it to her. So I gave that rose to my friend, per direction of my angels , I thought what a crazy idea. My girlfriends and i kept getting this message from the otherside…to give out roses that it would give them healing. So i thought what the heck, I checked back with her and she no longer look sick and she looked amazing and the persons cancer test later turned out to be benign, so you never know. Trust me even I was surprised. I guess you never know until you use your gifts for others. I think Ive been avoiding do this 100% of the time, but I know its TIME!!

Yet when you see it in action…’s totally different. 3 weeks ago my sister had a dozen roses, my guardian angel told me to blow into 1 rose, so I did. I returned 2 weeks later. All the roses were gone, except 1. So I asked my mother what happened to all the roses, she said they all shriveled up and died, except that one. It was alive and beautiful. My angels wanted to remind me that I could do that for people. Now isn’t that awesome„„ My soul sisters and I went to Disneyland last week, we were lead to go see the animals. Most of them were very sad , we went to each one to pick jp on their emotional state and sick in the heart. Truly heartbreaking. All my angels and theirs told us to go around and heal them. So that’s what we did one by one. By the end goats were walking up to us, intuitively they knew thats why we were there, truly amazing. See what Gods love can do. Today my only rose bloomed, I madea promise to the other side that iftheylet me know who needed a rose. That I would send one out each week. Yesterday they informed me of this weeks recipient. More ironically , about 20 years ago, I tattooed a heart with a rose through it. I know the angels were the ones that told me to do that, at the time I wasn’t ready to know what it really meant until the past few years. I allowed dogma and other people to tell me being different wasn’t okay. I shut my gifts down as a child, i only started to reactivated them just a few years ago. Now I know I only have to please God he is really my only boss. May these stories give you hope.


Your Queen,



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