Do we have past lives?

Most people do not remember their past lives. Once you are awaken by God, the more things are revealed to you. First you’ll realize that you have lived more than one life, youll have dreams about them,some times the angels will show you how you looked before, where you lived or what your interests were. Its actually all very interesting.

Lately my friends will inform me of visitors I’ve known coming through to connect with me. Ie they want to say hello. I currently do not have this capability while awake. People have come to me while in a trance or between sleep and awake yet that takes me a very long time to do. Next, you’ll remember souls that you’ve known before, either when you meet them or as you wake up. Its actually very cool. One day I met my sisters daughter and the day I met her I knew she was my daughter before. I got the information that minute. It was such a surreal experience , how can words accurately describe such an experience, they cant! I felt the love for her like a mother, it was strange to me considering I had never felt like that.

As for my girlfriend she is a soul sister. Someone I have known for several lifetimes. We are both spiritually awake. Our lives have been somewhat similar. Which its fun to share with another female where we can talk about Gods spiritual gifts, experiences, and experience the other dimension without judgement.

I’ve also met other people, like men where I knew they were my husbands before, now that was weird at first. I have many past life loves around me and they are all so protective of me. They are great male friends. Daily, God sends me more and more gifted people who are ready to take the next steps to awaken their spiritual capabilities. It’s a fun journey if you are ready to let go of fear judgement of the unknown and experience Gods greatness.

To be continued.

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