Have you reached Enlightenment?

Others describe this as ascension, whatever resignates with you is just perfect.

As we all know this is a long path. Out in California there is a Monastery called Verdanta. There, there are many monks who have certainly figured out what it takes and what it truly means. I love going there, because I feel I am truly with like minded people. They understand the act of serving. As well as many of the concepts we should all embrace; such as empathy, compromise, love, forgiveness, acceptance, etc.

My brief description of it is this- that one serves God on a daily basis; those of us who are at this stage may know or hear Gods different assignments for us either through God directly or by his Angels. Although Jesus has visited me a few times, he doesn’t always. Usually my messages come from the Archangels, Saints, Angels and light beings.

Next one acts in the best interest of the whole when a part of group or with in the family; this mean you have to set your personal feelings aside, detach yourself, be fair and try to bring community. Yes its difficult if you are not there yet. When you are enlighten or reached ascension it is easier because you will not take things so personal.

One has spent countless hours meditating or in prayer. This is a daily practice, for myself, it just brings peace and clarity, even truth to situations. I may not like the reality of whatever truth comes about yet I can accept it more easily and attempt to understand the situation, a different point of view or remove myself (just like NLP). I will say at times it is difficult knowing possible outcomes when you are spiritually gifted to discern the information coming from the angels.

With all this work comes the spiritual gifts. One can fine tune their spiritual gifts, and they can be used to help others. Every time I leave the house and I go out to a public place I never know who will be sent to me next. Its quite amazing. When it happens youll know what to say to whatever stranger you’ll meet because the Angels will tell you the message(s) they need to hear. Serving God is not about yourself. If one references the bible, they are given by God to help others whether you want to make a business out of it, volunteer or just do acts of kindness to serve others, that is up to you. I believe all blessed people see it this way. I have an older friend, a male who I know from other lives, we are both blessed and have this same frame of thought. I also know a few other women that are blessed in their 40’s who do lovely things to serve. One runs a church and the other a spiritual practice. Its almost as when you wake up, and know who you are (by God) one will have this framing deep in your DNA. Its like being encoded…anything other than serving God just wont satisfy you. If your passion is strong like this, its possible that you are like me, and you may have some work to do to find out what your path is.

Words are powerful, in God’s light we can say words that are in the person’s best interest or ours. When you have reached this point, then you know your enlightened because you will do it no matter what. Knowing that God is Love and you can be that way as well.Watch what you say. If you are given intuitive information and you feel the need to share it, keep it positive, focus on what the person can work on rather than telling them the storm is coming. Im always truthful yet framing the information is the most important thing anyone who has this gift needs to learn.

Daily we have to judge other peoples words and actions. So Judge their words, do they come from love, is the intent real, do they have any meaning? Usually one can listen to someone speak and hear the truth between the lines. It is best to do this when you can detach your personal feelings or past emotions from any situation. Usually this is easy to do with strangers because you haven’t known then that long, so it is pretty clear. It gets more complicated when you have known people longer than a year, then you really have to separate yourself from the issue.

Judge Actions, as reality is not complete without actions. Usually people will tell you their state of mind in what they do or do not do. Actions say a lot. Personally I’m pretty direct and most of my men friends love me for this attribute because Im not a BS’er , Ill tell you whats on my mind, how I feel and where we stand with no funny business, especially if you ask. We seem to be in a world that likes to live in disguise, where people like to hide truth from the public, from parents/friends or like to pretend —even if it isnt true for them. One doesn’t do any justice to themselves or others by lying about their truth. How can someone treat you the way you want to be treated, if they do not know who you really are, where you stand or what you really think. Isn’t it best just to cut the bull and get to the issue? Together words & action, gives you the picture of reality.



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