Is Nasa Communicating with ET’s? Why yes!

I recently watched a report from an employee of NASA informing the public that they have been trying to communicate with Et’s for the last 15 or so years with special devices they have. Apparently they only do them a few times a year.

And originally they calculated that a response would take longer than this lifetime. then one day they received a response back with in 361 days. So they assumed that they are closer than they anticipated. Currently it takes anywhere from 3-360 or so days for a response to those messages sent. They do confirm that those of the Light, in this case ET’s are far more advance than humans and may have answers to many of our problems.

Although we call them Et’s their are really called light beings. The family of light includes Angels, Archangels, Light beings (life from other planets which we call Et’s). just FYI. Those who are here on earth, usually come in with a life purpose and at some point, one is activated , one starts to remember then feels propelled to move forward with whatever God assignment they have.

They have confirmation that the ice caps will shift and other major changes. Which I will add later. The Andromedeans mention that the weather will be more tropical and in the near future we will be able to communicate with them. I’m so excited. I believe this is true they visit me all the time. The communication is telepathic, yet I’m not at a point to translate..with them, specifically, it is different than the Angels.

Source: Nasa employee


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