Lesson’s Learned

English: Resurrection of Christ

English: Resurrection of Christ (

Often the people around us will teach us many lessons. How to behave or how not to.
With this it’s more of how to treat others, as well.
I am always surprised when people are so judgemental of people who are different from themselves.

It just makes me wonder if they have had no exposure to other cultures or have not been to other parts of the world for years that they have absolutely no tolerance for different cultures, countries and religions.
Didn’t Jesus accept and teach everyone, from the prostitute to the prophet….! He didn’t call him self Anything, man created the label of X and apparently there are many different labels with many variations of branding. Obviously all different. It is up to us to extract the good and use our mind and discernment to know what God meant.

To say that only one religion is right or you go to hell: is a bold statement.

I think they all have fundamental principles and truths that can be followed and on the flip side , there has been a lot of rules and additions, meanings, interpretations, that humans have inserted over the years. This is my perspective. Usually every religion probably started off with good intent and perhaps translations and/or meanings to the books make things very complicated.

Personally I do follow the bible , I do believe it was inspired by God and written by his followers and think anyone can learn from it. As well as learn from the other teachings other people have created that are available. I believe it is very possible than God had other blessed beings create other versions of text to better suit their area,; cultures , country and languages. We are all created different aren’t we?

I’ve been lucky and blessed to view some of Gods amazing miracles in my life, in front of me and he has allowed me to grant some wishes as well. So I do believe our creator can think , design and create beyond what we can Ever see to serve all of humanity not just one small niche.


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