Looking for Signs and Answers?

English: The Moon and planet Venus

English: The Moon and planet Venus (

Delivered instantly…

Have you ever had a question you needed an answer to?

Well my friends, the angels want to give you an answer. Often they attempt to deliver the message to you in many ways. Here are some examples. Usually billboards, signs, letters, through people, songs, dreams, mail, unexpected packages, gifts, symbols, etc. Remember that it has to resignate with you, everything isnt a sign. Once you learn how to connect to the other side/dimension or use your telepathic gifts with your angels it will become more and more clear the message they want you to have.

If you are new to all this, request a dream. Its a popular modality they use, keep in mind they are symbolic or like a metaphor that you must take apart and review. If your 3rd eye is open they will give you pictures and symbols, again they will be symbolic kind of like a beautiful poem that has meaning. Once you get the hang of it, you will love it. Every now and then you may be too busy, overly concerned or consumed to have clarity, just remember to be patient and eventually the answer will come.

PLEASE NOTE: not everything is a sign. Usually you will know if its a sign by the following: you get an inner vibration, the vibration runs from top down to all your chakras, something about the message resignates, it feels true to you, you hear it more than 1 time-in different ways, you keep seeing the same message.

I look forward to meeting you in the future…

Love Moon Mother, Nefertiti


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