Messages from the Other Side.

Messages from the other side, in perfect TIME!

Message 1:

Sometimes I am truly amazed of all the messages I get and how closely I am guided. I am very grateful for this. I can remember when I didn’t see or hear or know the obvious. I do hope you all work on your path so you can discern the messages being sent to you.

Today I was being challenged after being rejected on something earthly that I wanted….a wish so to speak.The reason for me not getting it was a stupid one, people rules that really don’t make sense for all. Since its personal, I’m not going to disclose it.

Yet I went to Costco to have a hotdog. Actually I feel the Angels led me there, as I write this I hear a tap..and I hear YES. well I’m walking up to buy my HOt dog. Then I’m feeling a little disillusioned about not being approved. And I read a sign that talks about gifts from Heaven being hidden. That’s exactly what i need to see/hear today. To remind me to keep the hope.

Message 2

I recently applied at a business, I was wondering the status of the application, while at the gym, as i go upstairs i see a guy is wearing their LOGO shirt. crazy huh, I need to follow up. WOW.

Message #3

Today I took out my Mother Mary pendant, I was in line. And I what came to me was the lady that gave me this knew me from before, a past life or from heaven- somehow. That was the message. At that moment, the little boy in line said about the little girl trying to talk to him, She thinks she knows me., mommy. How about that for Timing?

LOOK FOR SIGNS, they are everywhere and your angel guide will try to get you to see them, feel them and hear them. Especially if you ask them for help.



Moon Mother


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