We Teach others How to treat Us?

A View of Earth from Saturn

A View of Earth from Saturn

Dont we…

Ever wonder why you attract a certain somebody? Well you can be projecting it.

Anyhow, this is one of the lessons that is a tough one. Yet we all teach others how to treat us. Yes you do. If you allow it, it will proceed, if you cut it off at the roots, it will not.

We all must have boundaries with those you love or like…friends and especially family; Earth family, past live connections or God family..you get the picture….?!

Usually people will show you CLEARLY who they are or their agenda with their actions or their words. There actions will show you if they are a true friend or family member. All talk and no action, means absolutely nothing. Do there words match with who they say they are. Do they resemble that of a true friend or family member. Ponder those points. I once had a best friend when I was younger, who would call me every time she needed something, yet when the moment came that I needed her, she was nowhere to be found. Trust your own internal intuition and use your pragmatic mind to judge their actions.

Same goes for words, if their words sound fishy or negative—TRASH it. Especially for people who have motive. Ive had friends go to psychics just to receive bad news, guess what you can change your future. So take any advise with a grain of salt. And know you can change the direction & sail of your course.

Now if you can NOT do this, do not ask others with abilities to give you ANY advice. My mind usually discredits anyone who can not be unbias on a situation. Like give you pro’s, cons & what to do next. They need to answer all the Why, HOw, what, & what if scenarios.

It takes an advance soul to look at the full picture; we do this by tapping into the future & knowing who you are, what your problems are and using the logic to give them all the what if possibilities. If you are gifted, try to keep it positive, light and if you can not use this format & context; you may want to refrain from using your gifts to ADVISE others.

You have the power to help, encourage and lead others, remember this and know the reason GOD gifted you —was to do this. So if you are compromising others there will be an unseen consequence. Hate, fear & manipulation it doesn’t pay to part this onto others.

Moon Mother, Nefertiti


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