What are Angels and Aliens like? Like this..

Love from the light….

Today I was in church with my bf and when we were siting in silence and in prayer and I covered my eyes. I could see the visitors from the other side, which included a Pleidian, an Andromedean and of course my guardian angels. Usually light beings come in brilliant colors of pink and green. Angels come in as white, and if it’s an Arch angel, they are all light and the energy is very strong. When praying or meditating the angels if they are around you, they will make you feel like you are really cold, it’s quite amazing really.I use to attend a prayer meditation class and medium friends would remark that Archangel Michael and Rapheal would be behind me. Usually for protection. In the day light I can see the angels and in the dark I can usually catch their movement, its just how it is once you become awaken there is no escaping that you are a part of 2 worlds. It is said as the earth’s frequency, vibration and dimension changes that we will be able to see, feel, hear and experience much more. I believe it. I couldnt do any of this 1-2 years ago.

Once my friend told me that the other side had helped her with her singing and my bf’s mom said the same with her playing music. Until today I really didn’t know what they meant. As we started singing , my voice totally changed. I was in tune, sang at a higher pitch and Usually do not sing this good. I was told as I worked on ascension that this could happen; inner natural talents would come out, longer hair and nails. Anyhow, it can happen for you too. All your life times inner gifts. All have happened, I just really didn’t believe it until now. And yes, inner peace.

Imagine… By John Lennon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwUGSYDKUxU&feature=youtube_gdata_player



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