What is Healing from the other side like? Like this…

English: Basic overview of energy and human li...

English: Basic overview of energy and human life

Have you Ever wondered what that is like… Let me explain it. Usually they send energy to you, where ever you need it, heart , head or body. Nightly they give me more energy through the feet, it’s usually really hot or electrical – yes I know what your are thinking, if you are awake , yes you can feel it. Usually they will work on you around midnight or 1 am, so if your laying still in bed, you will notice. One time about 10 months ago I was told I would receive a healing. From one of my intuitive friends. I had no idea what they really meant. So I went to bed. I woke up at 3am when I received an electrical shock behind my neck, like a laser. I woke up and yelled ahhhh. Yes that was the healing. Amazing because I really didn’t expect that. Just last week I had some dairy, which I’m allergic to. Anyhow I was rolled up in bed, as my stomach was killing me. My boyfriend was trying to comfort me. Anyhow, he walked out of the room to do some stuff and the light beings showed up and touch my stomach, I could feel the energy. 2 minutes

later I was able to get right up after being stuff in bed.



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