What is Hell?

Heaven vs. Here

Today my girlfriend and I had an interesting discussion about heaven, hell and the rapture.

As for the rapture I believe its now. Its how badly people have been treating each other and how we have messed up earth. And all the changes going on. To put it plain and simple.

As for hell I think like the bible states, Hell is consciousness. Its being awake in a body with a mind and being troubled with earthly problems, fears, situations, having to eat, having to work and ESPECIALLY being ABSENT of GOD. For those of us highly intelligent we truly know what this is like when you hit hard times, depression, sadness, anger, fear, resentment. IE what hell really feels like.

I believe the bible has been slightly distorted and changed from the original context. It is my goal to read it one day as it was created in Aramaic. There are many words that when translated just in English to Spanish have different meanings and must be written in certain order to have the same meaning. WHos to know the order and correct words were not used or distorted. With some of the meanings and definitions of what GOD wanted that have been given, I believe this has happened over the last 2000 years, unfortunately. I do believe the content is true and account of the times and we are to learn from Jesus and his prophets. I think sometimes like everything people take things too literal or out of context. They give their own meaning and perhaps change what Jesus intended. Sometimes you have to use your logic with your intuition to know what is true. Thats why God gives us discernment.

Going back to feeling hell here on earth, The emotions are real and we all pray for GOD to please take it away. If youve ever lost a loved one or everything due to hard times perhaps you can comprehend Earthly HELL, and ones state of mind after going through all of it.

Emotionally , mentally and physically it is ALL so difficult. After my divorce I use to say I just want to be happy. And BORING is good. Now imagine having that perspective. Being humbled and satisfied with the simplicities of life. 2 things that are free…Peace and happiness, imagine that?

Anyhow I’m going to be doing some hypnosis sessions on myself and look for further information on these and Ill let you know if I get anything else, while under.

To be continued,

Hells Gates

feel free to comment.

Moon Mother


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