Let your light shine..

I love it when the other side inspires me, they remind me that they have always been right next to me always. We are never alone. If you are like me, you can see them around you as you quietly sit in a business meeting or out with friends, wishing the rest of the world would wake up already. I cant wait to see all the amazing things that are to come. How does one explain living in 2 dimensions, you really cant. Spirits being birds, a butterfly appearing and disappearing, things such as this. Angels walking with you as you walk the beach. If you help inspire just 1 person today, you did your job. Going to a business conference today, I so cant wait to see who from the light I will be led to, its really fun to see who Im going to be led to. Of course they will call it chance and I will call it FATE. Have a great day…GO CREATE your future. AND BE ALL YOU CAN BE!! like the army sings. Love you all,



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