Words Matter and so do Facial Expressions



Ever say something you wish you could take back, have a redo when it comes to a relationship you handled badly or wish you had chosen your words more wisely. Its so hard to take back harsh words: so think before you speak. I often observe many couples and they just knock each other out with harsh words when they fight, things they never would say to their friends. So why say them; to the one(s) you love the most? As children we intuitively need connection and love so if your behavior towards each other is non-loving it cant possibly have a good effect. I always say its not about the good times, its also about the bad times.

Studies show that we model our parents, so if one finds themselves doing continuous negative behavior (words or otherwise) towards a partner, friends or family. Think about your childhood to see if its at all related. I learned this while teaching a Human Development class.

Facial Expressions: How you express yourself with your face really does matter. Because your unconscious mind is reading the people around us and interpreting not only their words but their face and the meaning of both based our history, experience and background.

Many people have lots of chatter in their mind, in NLP its called self talk. Which are beliefs or negative thoughts they will constantly run over and over in their mind, in any given situation. It its important if you have negative thoughts or beliefs that do not serve you or the people your with, then I will highly consider doing some Nlp and hypnosis to learn how you can change your thoughts, that will change your behavior.

Things to consider:

your thoughts

Your words

Your tone

Things you Repeat and get a negative response from.


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