Disneyland 8

My Trip to Disneyland….

One day I was getting ready to go to Disneyland. There was going to be 6 of us going, all of us, are from the light. Descendents of the Pleiades and Angels; I asked God for Extra protection. We wanted to have fun without worrying about earthbound spirits or what not. As sometimes they will not go away wanting to connect with people, as most of the population can not hear them. My girlfriend asked the light to send us Disneyland tickets a month prior and they came to her, she got them FREE. We all thanked God for the gift.

That morning as I woke up a white horse with wings came to me and the message it gave me was, that he would be with us for the day. It was enormous and I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. I had never seen anything like it before. It was from Heaven and God sent it.

Anyhow throughout the day we were walking around and I was going to tell my friends about it. At that moment, I saw a huge sign with a horse on it, amazing timing and at that moment I was told the horse was with us. Throughout the day we talked about my girlfriends night travels around the universe and other Magical Spiritual things that had happened throughout the day. As well as messages we had channeled throughout the week that were amazing. We were covering our eyes to see through our 3rd eyes, as its hard to see them in color or completely in focus with eyes open.

Sharing 5th dimensional experiences with others, is a rarity at this form. So I always appreciate a close friend who can share it with me, as we are all more spiritually gifted in one way or other.

Another time four of us girls from the light went to Disneyland. We were led to heal all of the goats, most of them were in bad shape. Lonely, tormented of being caged, it was pretty sad. We must of spent an hour there, I guess we heard there cry and the Angels made us go there first. Pretty amazing when you think about it. Ever hang out with 4 females of the light, who are totally awake, its freaken FUN!! And I completely recommend it. I asked for some clouds that day as it was very hot the entire week. And to my surprise it was a cloudy/sunny day. We set different intentions that day; its amazing how God’s & his angels can make our dreams come true.

I must say it is important that you have at least 1 friend you can relate to because life is just better that way. I know most of the time I am completely alone and there is no one around who can even fathom my experiences which is too bad, because it reminds me that HEAVEN does exist on Earth as well as above. I think people in general just have no idea of what God is capable of. He can grant any wish, move the mountains, the water and the sea.

Later when we were ready to leave, I forgot where we parked our car. So my friends and I used our internal gps to find the car. It was very noisy as we walked so trying to connect was a little more difficult, its like walking through a circus at Disneyland, so we got clues to find the level we were on. We finally arrived to parking lot 4 and It was funny I was walking the Minnie lot and I was in a totally trance-kind of like a sleep walker, headed straight to my car. I was saying, its over here, totally focused on just finding it.


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