Usually I take a hike in nature several times a week. Its good for the soul. There is a trail near me that I love. There is only one problem at times. There are coyotes, often they yelp and eat the small dogs in the neighborhood. That is why I’m so protective of my cat. I know he finally gets it, he is very intuitive and very smart. Anyhow I often go there, usually I can sense the coyotes once my feet hit the trail, it’s almost like having acute sensory acuity. I can’t smell them, it’s like I feel there presence. It’s very surreal, I always send positive messages because usually it’s just a few minutes before they walk in front of me. It never fails. Sometimes when I’m not bogged down with thinking about everything I must do I can hear my angel warning me. You know you have to be in that state to get audible messages.
Today the same thing happened I was walking my cat and I sensed a coyote in the neighborhood. Even the cat looked up, it was weird it was like I was a wolf for a second as I picked it up super strong, this time. I feel it had to do with my cat. I looked around, where could it be, I felt it was near. Then I heard a poor dog yelping and others barking, it had caught something, a small dog. I told the cat: let’s go, he didn’t hesitate like he usually does. He ran quickly, then I picked him up.


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