Soul brother

Wow, today I was shopping for groceries and I went to another store to pick up a gift for a friend. Then I saw an Angel in my 3rd eye, I walked around a little more-thinking, get the person an Angel…? Then I walked a few minutes more and then I was shown where to go. So I instantly left the store, hoped in my car and went to where I was told to go.

Anyhow it was a shop I had been to before, so I wasn’t sure the reason for my visit. I looked around there was nothing I needed, I got “keep looking” and then I thought: I think I need to talk to the man behind the counter, so I did. He told me that he made a pendant of an Angel out of crystals. Which I do like, yet that was not why I was there.
Anyhow I know he is a soul brother, he isn’t quite awake yet. Then I was admiring some of his small collectables. Also he was telling me about all the angels he bought to sell in his shop and his glass pieces people insists on buying. He even made an Angel pendulum because I requested it. Which is nice. Then I saw something else that was awesome, ” it was a collectors item”. A bible from long ago, that he just acquired. An hour or so before I arrived. Accident? I think not. I got to touch and looked at it. Its amazing how the content was worded differently, the format was slightly different and the paper was that darker tan brown color. It was just great to see.

Recalling what I heard on the radio a few weeks to a month back, the announcer mentioned a man acquiring a special edition of the bible. I heard this ad several times, over several weeks; then I was thinking wow, I’d love to see that. Who knew, I that would. God can make anything happen, BELIEVE!


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