Listening for your Angels or Jesus

Where do I start…

What an amazing day, I just cant get over it. This morning, I woke up, feeling pretty good. I was in awe that I had reconnected with one of the apostles on the weekend and I was pretty excited about it. My amnesia is lifting.

Anyhow, I was in the kitchen and I was channeling to Jesus and the music was on. All of a sudden I started dancing ballet, (note: I do not dance ballet) I had the hand & feet motions/moves & everything, It was like I had regressed to the life where I was actually remembering when I use to dance on stage, I saw it in my mind, also Jesus was talking to me, it was really awesome. My younger friend, a sister angel, does this all the time, I finally understood why she sometimes at the spur of the moment breaks out into dance. I was in awe, what could I say, these regressions are getting even more fun.

Next I was led to do something different today, I did what I needed to at home then my Angels told me to get out, change it up. So I went out to take care of some errands. Usually I dont bother with all the junk coupons I get/ ads that come in the mail, yet today I felt an urge to pick up the coupon booklet. I was just flipping through it, saw this ad and my Angels reminded me to get my oil changed. I thought what the heck, Ill go there later, I called the man and said will you be busy at 3pm, this was the time I saw in my mind that I would be in his area, he said that would be fine. I did some other errands and arrived there at 2:58pm. I looked at him and thought where do I know this man from that I am here, his name was George, as I sat there waiting. I then heard him praying for a second. I thought he must of said a prayer to God and they are letting me hear it. I spoke to him about his business etc, turns out they had just moved to this new location and he needed more business. I gave him some free marketing advice as that what I do for work. We thanked each other and I left.

As I was driving out, I felt compelled to go to this store near by, I didnt even know what I needed, I was being directed to go there. So I just got in the car and went. (last time this happened it was to see a 18th century bible) Then I was listening to the radio while channeling some GOd messages, wanted me to know. At that moment I was right outside of the store, I must of been there in the car in trance for like 30 minutes, just listening . Finally I got out the car and thought why am I here? I went inside looking for the reason. At that moment I saw this older homeless man, I caught his eyes for a second as I walked past. I picked up the basket walked for 30 seconds, I was told to go to the front of the store, at that moment I was in earshot and overheard him tell this women -can you get me some water. I then realized he was the reason I was there. I put down my items, left my basket and went outside.

I usually never carry cash, yet today I had it on me. I gave him $20, I said God wants me to give this to you and it was true. He told me thank you and that may God bless me. Another women gave him money after me. I went back inside, finished my shopping.. As I shopped, I wondered about him, was he okay, i was being pushed to go talk to him again, also if he was still there, I kind of looked outside, he had returned, he was eating a burrito. I felt moved that God sent me to feed this hungry man. I had wondered if he would still be there when I left. I felt I needed to go see him again, speak to him and go touch him. I paid and as I walked out, we spoke for 15 minutes. He then told me he lived in a small rented room, that he had problems with anxiety and depression that he was trying to get over, that he was clean and not on any drugs. He thanked me and said the money I gave him would feed him for the week and that he had been praying to GOD for help. It felt like a dark spirit had been messing with him. I knew he would be fine the next day.

I said, he heard you, today I was sent here for no particular reason. The timing was perfect and he had showed up as I was just there parked in my car. My Angels told me to touch him- so I leaned over and motioned for his hand, he took it and I looked into his eyes. After I left, he left. My High vibrational energy was going to give him balance and healing, possibly drive that negative spirit out. I felt touched that this poor man asked and prayed for help and God sent me right to him, its so amazing, the timing and everything.

You too, can do this for others, even if its just 1 person per week or month. You can feed 1 local hungry person. All you have to do is look into there eyes and you will know if they are telling you the truth. Or donate to a cause that feeds the hungry; like the salvation army. Or pray for their troubled spirit, and touch them with your light.


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