Finding yourself between the Raindrops…

English: Pleiades Star Cluster

Pleiades Star Cluster

This week God told me to go to a monk’s funeral. I didn’t know the reason why I was suppose to go, yet I felt it would be a great way to honor a great soul who has served humanity all his life. I felt that truly from my heart and although we only met once, I knew, that I knew him from long ago. So I am keeping that close to my heart as I think of this event. I went with a friend, hes very intuitive, He didn’t feel like interacting much with others. I guess I cant blame him and I have to respect his free will and personal discernment. Even if you are a higher vibration than others, allow them to make their own decisions, choices and freedom.

Anyhow I got many messages before hand about going there, IE “home” etc. I got kind of nervous, not knowing what to expect. I hate surprises. I knew I would run into people, I mean Angels that Ive known (apparently since existence), so I drove 2.5 hours there and 3 hours back. Who can tell God no, right? When I asked should I go-I got “duty calls” and no matter what happens “trust” when I tell you to do something. So I thought hmm, yes its going to be an interesting day, it just was different than I had imagined. That’s the optimistic part of me, thinking everything will be fabulous. I do Love and care deeply.

Anyhow, they opened up with a few songs, that brought me to tears. My friend couldn’t understand how I felt, obviously he wasn’t in my head. I ran into many other Angels I that knew before. I was happy to see them even if they didnt say hello. All the messages were a little overwhelming. I was using my NLP_ to detach from the emotions coming up, as much as I could.

The thing is God led me there, so I’ve been waking up the last 8 years, living a normal life, which has not been easy, trying to help everyday people. As its not easy delivering unsolicited angel messages to people who may not ready for them, you know. Being a role model and guide to all is not the easiest assignment as you may know already. God told me I needed to let his children know that I was still alive, apparently there had been some miscommunication that I was not around. Its unfortunate that any living soul would start such a rumor. Crazy in fact, I cant imagine pronouncing someone else “dead” knowing they are very much alive, just because they are not in the spot light. May this be a lesson to that all those who have pronounced me dead or have used my name when I didn’t write the message they authored. Ill include all the juicy details in my book.

One of the topics was renunciation, which is an interesting topic in itself. For me with death, this is easy, knowing life is eternal yet in everyday life it is a different story. It can be hard to do at times when one has to deal with hundreds of average people of the world on a weekly basis, who live in the world as its difficult to deal with humans. It’s hard to know someone’s else’s perspective unless you’re in their shoes. Yet we all can have empathy for others and their situations.

No matter, how much we tell people to let go, we are still human. We still have to feel. I can not tell you how good it is to feel, again. After my divorce some years ago, I must of been numb for several years. I wondered at some point if I would get over it. I did that is why I have such a passion for helping others in pain, knowing life brings you unexpected rain. Searching for where I fit in, like we all do. Ive gone to so many churches, destinations, meeting thousands of people, doing various jobs for the answers I seek and all to search for my higher purpose. Who I really am. I can not tell you how good it felt when recently the final veil was lifted and I remembered, I wanted to dance. By divine providence, some 10 months ago, I finally was led to a monastery; which for now seems more like “home” for some reason. My Guides had me research all the spiritual greats like the Dalia lama, Christ, Budha, Mary, etc. I knew this journey was leading me somewhere.

Anyhow, it was good to be with my heavenly family even if they were not ready for me, just yet. I guess that’s why I like to work with children, Angelics, Starseeds, Pleiades, etc. because they are so innocent and pure. The funny thing is I am most happy when I am with other Angels and light beings because we get whats going on, its so great to talk about whats really going on in the world. Unlike my earth family who is fast a sleep.

As for this situation, despite what some may refer to…as Karma, I know the result of this was not my Karma because I always Love and give, and I’m still evolving as a human, keeping in line with my Angelic roots and awakening all that I am to share with you. I’m just sad that I didn’t get all my spiritual gifts stronger, sooner, IE to head down this path sooner. I keep hearing- it was always meant to happen this way, In God’s time- not mine. I know that is harder to embody as a human, that is why sometimes we have to detach. Ive always had extraordinary discernment. Anyhow I know the best is yet to come.

Love your,

Moon mother-Nefertiti

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