Angels Everywhere….

St. Michael the Archangel portrait

St. Michael the Archangel

I went out today to buy a gift and my angel showed me a picture of an Angel so I knew to visit a certain shop  and sell many Angelic things. Well I arrived there, and looked around and thought, huh where is that angel I saw. I started talking to the owner and poof –there it was behind the counter, they hadn’t even put it out, a beautiful little white angel, he even gave me 20% off and I didn’t even ask. He inadvertently gave me a few messages. As I walked out I saw a few other angel items that had personal messages for me, like: “A wish for you”. I was looking at them and the lady said, she had one in the back and she took it out. It was lovely.

Later, I went to a business event and one of my contacts at my table, told me to do EFT because I had a slight cough that seem to linger. Weird because I feel better. See God gives you what you need –exactly at the right time. Someone took a photo and somehow the light in the flash made me see my guides, their luminescent light, which is awesome when your eyes are open.

We then somehow got onto the topic of Angels, my favorite topic of course I said yes I have angel guides, then this lady who was part of the conversation and whom Ive only met a few times before said; Archangel Michael is your guide, she just blurted it out, it was really funny. I said wow, that’s amazing that, how that came through. I could tell she wasn’t even trying to say it. That’s what we call channeling- truth, it will just come through. He was there, alright, I know he was telling her and she got the message, it was pretty cool, usually I’m the only one remotely awake in the circles I work in. So it was nice to experience. Later out of no where, a few people that I had just met, brought me glasses of wine, which I graciously accepted their act of kindness.

Then as I left, and got into my car, my other business friend said tell Archangel Michael hello; which I found hilarious, because he was right behind me. I looked at him and laughed. Like how did you know that. Amazing, he’s here. Then I got in my car. I’m so use to everyone being asleep. I was happy that he was a little bit awake. ha ha ha Times are changing, so excited.

Moon mother,


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2 thoughts on “Angels Everywhere….

  1. Kim

    Love the blog. Michael hangs out with me, too and he is the best…such a great sense of humor! Just wanted to say thanks for sharing. I have no idea how I landed on your site, but I’m glad I did! 🙂

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