The day after Christmas….

Today I took the day off for the most part, I attempted to go shopping and failed miserably. I had received an enormous amount of gift cards from different family members to stores and I just really didnt feel an earthly need for anything. This only happens when you become very very spiritual because I hadnt recalled being this way in the previous years. I wandered into the local Walmart to buy cat food, I found myself alone on the cat food aisle and then suddenly there was 5 people around me. For some reason I told the lady to buy a certain cat food because I knew how much my cat loved it and everyone started grabbing it. Which I thought was funny. Its the seafood blend of Meow mix with the soft center. Cats go crazy over that.

I saw many signs from heaven while out and I think that is why they told me to go out. While out I saw a man cross the street his shirt read “Angels” another sign saying my journey is on track, another car with the halo A and many other lovely signs, its surreal how people and the things around you give you clues as to what you need to hear. I was even listening to 107.9 and the perfect messages were playing for me. Everyone I spoke to was very nice to me, courteous, happy, enjoyable, helpful and complimentary even. It was just what I needed as Ive been feeling really homesick. I love that Jesus always comes around, it makes me feel better and he fixes small problems in my life. I often wonder how he was so strong when he was here, he went through so much, when he had to be human and divine. It is tough some days, I look forward to the amnesia being lifted from everyone.

The other day I asked him to help me with my neighbor and this car burglar we’ve been dealing with. Her car was stolen out of her garage, while she was sleeping. IE ..Our sleepy little community on the hill. Anyhow today they found her BMW , the burglar left the car in a neighborhood, where this guy had a security camera on his home . Apparently he left the car and was seen leaving on the video, which shows what he looks like. How amazing is that?? I’m sure it wont be long before my angels catch him.

The other day I was having a rough day and sweet Saint Augustine said, there is no one like you. So sweet thank you for reminding me, you guys are close. Yes we are all unique. 🙂

Your mother from the moon,

Thank you God for this gift…below.Image

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