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CHEM TRAILS, the use of Oil, FOOD & our Environment

Dear ones,
It is up to us to change the world, we all can make an impact, it can be either for the good of humanity or for its demise. What will you choose? Mother earth, your children, your grandchildren, your parents, life beyond our existence or yourself-(the now).  Life from other planets have confirmed that chem trails do exists and they are cleaning up our air as we pollute it into outer space. Why? because we are affecting the Universe, other planets and life with our planets pollution. So what will it take for us to be more responsible as a whole.. again will man choose EGO or will they choose “oneness”.
The use of oil: mankind tends to have a reverse way of looking at things when it comes to resources, I see. So will we tap into the universe’s intelligence beyond our own existence or will we simply choose what we know here on planet earth. Other life, Aliens, the Angels are far more advanced that mankind, so isnt it time that we used all the earth Angels God sent to the planet to tap into their intelligence. They and all other life beyond our planet are ready and waiting to help us.
Currently Nasa is wasting a lot of time and money sending messages with their expensive equipment and they believe this is advancing humanity. Yet they could go to incarnate Earth Angels and Light beings that have the ability to communicate with other life (currently on the planet) to get the information they need- in hours, verse centuries. They would save a lot of time and money and we could advance several hundred years with this new information and resources they have. We could fix world hunger, water problems, communication problems, reduce the use of resources we are running out of,  find alternatives to sustain life on earth, alternative energy, etc., Now just imagine how many solutions they have just waiting for us ?.. Again will mankind choose the whole or self (Ego)?
Not only would we save our planet, the animals, species that are going extinct, and resources; but we would be the leading country in all of these NEW innovations, I don’t know about you but that is something I want to be a part of. We are long past the days of the dinosaurs, oil was put on the earth as a stepping stone to other resources God has in mind for us, so isn’t it time we discover what they are or who isn’t allowing them to go to market. Several of these innovations have been buried from the market because they would threaten their industries yet with the internet, anything is possible, you could make your discovery and innovation viral in just hours/days.
GMO Food– I believe its each individual;s responsibility as well as the government to disclose what is in our food. It should be a law. If your eating, digesting or in taking of a harmful chemical shouldn’t that be disclosed? Even if it cost 10 cents more, its your body, your life, everything that is not of nature of its pure elements effects us. I believe one day in the near future someone will sue the government for negligence and WIN because they do not require to disclosure. By default having any product or produce in american markets its stating that it is safe for consumption. Isn’t that what this implies, the average person, grocery shopper, would agree with me and so would a jury of everyday people. We can not use the excuse that people should educate themselves when it suits us.  Especially when it comes to food. Gov’t should see that no matter who is against labeling it is in the best interest of humanity to disclose how they are made. And those who know what is in the products and still eats them, well then that is on them. Dont people still eat donuts, chips, coke and junk food etc  Despite the ingredients.


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Our twin souls

Twin Souls rarely incarnate together, only on special occasions. So I am referencing the times of Jesus as a special occasion. There were 144 blessed; 72 women, 72 men. Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and Mary being 3 of them. And there are many descendants which I am graciously finding as they are sent to me. I am lucky to be one of those souls. My twin soul visits me often, I am fortunate to have him by my side in all that I do. Its surreal as well because I do not have him here physically, this time around.

I am in the car, I was on my way to the bank, I had just got back from a walk on the beach. It is a beautiful day, when I start to channel and I hear my twin send me some personal messages. A few love songs as well. He tells me, I hope you don’t mind the interruption, he was reminding me who I am, what I mean to him and that he loves me. Its Bitter sweet. He even asked what he could do for me because he loves me. I make a few requests that would make my life more comfortable on earth. He is taking care of everything and I am grateful to my love on the other side as we are “one”.
I remember some time ago, when I first hit ascension I believe he was channeling me and allowing me to remember US, I had this love for him and I was thinking why am I thinking this, was it my brain fantasizing, that was my logical brain trying to make sense of this new information. But as I became more spiritually awake I know I wasnt.
Just today he popped in for a visit in my room. I woke up crying, he was there and I said I remember who you are and what you mean to me. I was sad and happy at the same time. My beloved twin soul, all of you who have met or encountered your twin, can relate to what I am talking about. Its surreal because you are here on earth with someone else, yet your twin is in the other dimension. How can you resolve this, you cant because you are on earth. Then to confirm it I had posted on fb that “I am happy that my soul group is awake”. One person responds with this, a scripture ( in john) in the bible that talks about twin souls and that we are one, simply amazing.

I was thinking about that and I wondered would I even care to come back if given the choice. Im not sure I would choose to return to earth. I now understand why I had a hard time feeling like I connected with anyone throughout my life and why I feel so homesick…I finally get it. There were so many years why I wondered why do I feel this way at least now, I know why. For a logical thinker like me we like to know why.
Sometimes I think of my existence here on earth and I think why am I here; away from my twin. Yet I know the answer already it is to bring the light, love, peace and truth to the world. I know my job isn’t done here, in fact I am barely beginning.

Your soul sister,

D. Nefertiti

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Dealing with the EGO

This is one of the most important things we all will learn about while here on earth. It is letting go of our EGO.

It serves many purposes, first of all peace, also so we do not argue with each other, or attempt to make them right or wrong. It is a challenge, yet the goal in life is just respect where people are in life.

Its good to exchange ideas, yet if it goes no where, then discontinue the conversation. We see foreign countries kill over their personal beliefs and point of views, and then say they do it for God, yet we all know they do it for self-THE EGO.

I had this happen to me recently, a sister of a friend, was trying to convert me to her religion per say. Even though I told her I was brought up in that religion, yet now (that I am spiritually enlightened) I follow the way of the monks, which is just accept everyone, no matter where they are in life, like God does.

Anyhow, at the end the conversation, it was going in circles, she was quoting a lot of scriptures to me, which is fine, yet it served no purpose as she didn’t really mention why she was quoting them. I said that’s great I own 4 bibles, so what is that you are wanting from me, to think exactly like you? I tried to share some new ideas with her, but she was not open to this, yet.

Everyone thinks slightly different and that is okay, she was fighting her own EGO, as in her mind if she allowed me to think the way I do, in her mind it means she is wrong and that it would effect her own religious beliefs. We all deal with this in many ways, it is a big lesson for sure. Some times I just let the person rant and rave and do not respond, I have to say most of the time this is the answer because if they are not at a place of oneness and openness they will not hear what you have to say anyways.

I have also noticed and read that every situation is a lesson, as the world reflects and mirrors what we do, what we need to learn, who we are or what we know. So be kind because bad Karma sucks. Give credit where credit is due and receive when goodness comes to you. Everything comes full circle, everything! Im seeing this much more clearly now that Im at a much higher vibration.

Your sister, Nefertiti

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Divine Providence

Jan 20, 2013
Today is Sunday it is about 5pm. My girlfriend invites me over, it us 4 of us, all happen to be angelics. She invites a new friend and she is another Angelic sister, we are so alike, its uncanny. Ill call her Angela. When she told Angela about me, she said she had to meet me. Funny huh, how the soul knows what to do sometimes. We had dinner, we hung out and I usually give my close girlfriends free guidance. When I gave Angela an intuitive reading I started to cry because as I was channeling guidance for her, she said I know you, well I knew her too. We never forget our sister Angels, never. As we sat their in the dim light, I could see the halo’s behind them, it was simply amazing. I drove home in tears as this had more meaning to me, than just the meeting of new friends. Angela moved for the upper part of the state to where I lived, were talking many miles and she was led right to me. It made me realize how big God is and is working for us behind the scenes. How could I of possibly created that, it was just amazing.
Jan 23, 2013
Tonight I attend a mediation, I invited Angela to come with me, I had just met her on Sunday. Tonight was the night of the bowls. I brought my Tibetan bowl with me. As we started meditating we gave messages. One women said she heard birds chirping in the dark, it was a sign of course. I spoke to God in my mind, right after that a cloud descended upon the circle. God sent it. It was just a sign to us all. They were showing me that when Jesus had ascended from the cloud to his disciples in ancient times, so I would understand this was God.
I also had channeled a message from a couple who showed up, the son had took his own life. The son who is on the other side. he came through he said that he was okay and was sorry that he caused them pain. She was very much into Budha, she even said that Budha said- “I am always with you”. They told me to go to her and give her a private reading. We are going to meet soon. See then said that she was seeing a mans blue eyes with define eyebrows. I was getting that it was Jesus. I was reading a book published in 2009 about Jesus yesterday and I was asking him many questions that I didnt get answers to yet. Anyhow as I was sitting there he was telling me to go see her as he wants us to connect. I so can not wait to know what the reason is.

Jan. 24, 2013

Tonight there is a business mixer and I really did not feel like going, yet my spiritual guide tells me to go, so I do. Im feeling a little sad and disillusioned with man and how they have allowed their inner EGO control all of their conscious decisions. Meaning they vote for the benefit of themselves not for the good of humanity on the environment and in life; very sad actually. I see many books that are lies and see how humans have a hard time voting for the oneness of humanity.

So I leave the house and go to this mixer, I meet a few new new people. Sometimes I do not know what the real reason I am sent to a place. Well my long time business friend is there, I congratulate him on his new position to find out that his wife of 35 years just up and left him. I was in utter shock. They were together forever . He ran a business for some 2.5 years, he does business development. I guess she decided one day that she wanted a different life. I felt utter and complete sadness for him, because I had been through it myself. I offered him words of encouragement, I also gave him a personal message. Earth is tough, I of all people know this. If people thought about how their decisions and actions would some day come back to them , then perhaps they would be more more careful about making their choice.

peace and love, I wish you a great blessed week-

Your soul sister from ancient times,


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Death of a friend

Recently my friend passed,

It was a windy day and I woke up too sick to go to his memorial. Yet another part of me -didn’t want to acknowledge his death because he is still alive to me. Also its hard to be sick and pick up everyone’s feelings, have spirits try to come through and deliver messages and do this with a happy face, be strong, I’m human too. Its was just a little too much when under the weather, had it been any other time, I would of gone. Plus I would of given this horrible Flu to everyone. I did cry when I was alone, I couldn’t help it. My cat came over to comfort me, he is quite intuitive. My friends believe he is an angelic familiar (protector)-he is special.

Years ago I would of been sad for days or weeks but this time was definitely different since I’m much more spiritual & I know that we do not die. Also I realized I wasn’t crying for him because hes okay. But for me because I will not get to experience him in the same way on Earth anymore, until I go home.

Where I’m at in life, I am more detached from it in the respect that I know we live forever and after here we will live again and again. Our Home is somewhere out in space. We are strong, divine , intelligent beings that took such assignments. I think even if we are given a preview of what is to come, we can not fully encompass what it feels and looks like until we are on the planet. In fact death for me will probably be a gracious event as I cant wait to get my wings back and go HOME and be with my spiritual family. I like them in spirit form. Yet I will be happy when I do not have to worry about eating, earthly issues and maintaining the body.

Love your sister,


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Remembering “Love”

If you keep this thought in the front of your mind, in all that you do; You really cant go wrong. As well as treat others as you would like to be treated. Often when I encounter others, I embody this simple principle in my life and it’s really effective.

I have the best neighbors anyone could ask for. They are all mature, retired, open, loving, protective of me and reciprocate the giving I share with them. Which is what anyone would wish for. And what made makes this even more valuable is they have no idea who I am. It is genuine and so beautiful. Last year I was away from my home, I got a message to go home. I had many errands to do still but I know to listen, so I did. I stopped at my home for some 5 minutes. Right then my neighbor showed up and she invited me over for her appetizer party that same night. I would of completely missed it had I not stopped home as I was shopping for the holiday. I stayed home and went over there an hour or so later. I had a good time. I was glad-that I had listened to that little voice–the holy spirit.

Life can be tough at times, even for me. I think I’ve gotten use to rejection at this point. Usually its man’s ego that doesnt let them see the truth of a given situation. I can not wait for people to listen to their inner voice…(the inner spirit if their soul) will they do it, perhaps in time. When one leaves the EGO at the door one maybe surprise how big our creator is and his well thought out plan is for all of us. I tell anyone that will listen, THE BEST IS YET TO COME. That is why we are here to trigger change in humanity. How exciting is that? We are at a pivotal point in evolution and inner growth of humanity. Like they say, this is only a mountain. Greener pastures are to come.

Ive had the pleasure of hanging out with some advanced beings in my area, most are older friends. Which I think they have just come to a place in life and repetitiveness, where they want to know, “What more is there to life…that perhaps I haven’t exposed myself to”. This is when the soul really starts to wake up.

As for those spiritual friends, I look forward to seeing them each time. Which I do not think is an accident. They have been the most accepting and loving towards me through this entire process. Most I have known in various other lives particularly Egypt, the times of Jesus, Roman times or other lives. My male best friend was the brother of a musician in my band in my last life. We are 6 months apart in age. My close female friend Ive known her from Roman times. My brother was my father before, that’s why he has just a hard time listening to me.. ha ha. My sister is an Angel and 1 brother is a light being. Its just amazing how God lined this all up, its just too perfect in some ways. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO, IS LISTEN. Im sharing this all with you so you can see how GOD sets everything up. Even where I live now; was predestined and picked out for me, which I will talk about in further detail in the future. It is the humans EGO & our inner fear that interferes with the divineness that God created us all to be.

(above is a pic of the river I went rafting at-where my raft flipped)

Love your sister of the LIGHT


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Giving without Expectation

Yesterday I spent part of the day just going through all my clothes and excess shoes; so I can donate anything I haven’t used recently to the Cancer society. In the area I live they have made it real convenient for anyone to donate, at any time. No longer do you have to wait for the trucks to come pick up your items. I suggest doing this and/or donating your larger items to the Salvation army if you have any, that organization seems to be very credible.

One day a week before Christmas I was led to a store somewhat out of my area. I was led to this man who had no money for food, he was poor and his clothes looked worn. When I drove up I didn’t know why I was there, yet clearly the Angels told me to go there. I walked into the store and walked out. He said he had prayed earlier to God. Which was amazing because while walking in the store, I felt urged to put my things down to go speak to him. A few weeks later I was in the same area again and he was still outside the door. He actually did recognize me and greeted me favorably. He looked in much better mental health this time.

You may spend $10 on yourself on something you may not really need or you could go feed a genuine homeless person, they will not forget & either does heaven.

About 8 years ago, I went through a divorce and I let my spouse keep everything we had owned together, internally knowing that God would one day return it all to me-somehow. I also learned a valuable lesson, that my earth family was irreplaceable. They really came through for me in ways I never expected, above and beyond. I had moved to another state to start a new chapter with my now Ex-husband; well things didn’t didnt quite work out as I had planned and I returned after a few short months. I went back to my home state, and I cross the state borders with just my car, clothes and papers. I left everything else to him. I knew him from another life, I wasn’t to marry him and I remember the warnings I received about him when we first started dating, yet I didn’t listen. Listen to your guides especially when it comes to partners.

After I arrived back home, I was interviewing for local jobs. I had this female friend who was in the business world who was advising me through the interviewing process. I came from Education, the usual dress was– business casual. I worked as a Director at the University and out with all the college students, so I rarely needed a suit. Well my female friend insisted that I borrow a business suit from her to make a good impression. As I really didn’t have any and she mentioned how important it was to look professional while interviewing as she was a recruiter. So, I went over to her upscale apartment and she opened the closet and she must of had at least 50 name brand suits, just sitting there. I was kind of amazed, as she told me how much she had spent on her wardrobe. Her and her husband made well into the 6 figures each. I tried a few on and borrowed one and 1 week later returned the suit to her. I didnt get the job but remembered the sentiment. Who would think I would even be in this place, certainly not I.

Well some 5 years later I met a friend who was getting back on her feet after a bankruptcy and she asked to borrow a suit. At the time, I had about 4 real suits. She came over and tried all 4 on and she borrowed a 2 piece gray set I had. I remembered how I felt years back, now being on the other side. I told her she could keep it. She smiled. I totally empathized where she was at and wanted her to feel she had at least 1 suit to go interview, without having to come see me each time. She kept it for several interviews and once she was back to work, she felt she needed to return it.
Now many years later my mother is giving me a suit as a gift. So you see things come full circle, timing of it all, well that is not for us to know. Even if I’m given this info it’s because I am ready for it and its in my highest good to know, like encourage me.

If you are blessed with an abundance of stuff or money– there are many simple things you can do for someone else, like these above. Its easy to have a heart of giving. Your guides will guide you.

There have been other times as well, where I had things that I liked yet I ran across someone who seem to like the item more than me, so I gave the items to them. Try it, sometime. The material things you have here, you will not take with you when you die but what you do for others-you always will.


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This Year’s Goals

Like most people, we all have dreams and goals we would like to accomplish this coming year. What I like to call– our passion for life. I want to encourage all of you to sit down, write that foundational goal list for yourself. Start with your top 5 goals whatever they maybe. I have a list of 30, I work on my top 10 until they are done, some are on going- like take out the trash-lol, then I move on to the other 20 and add as needed.

The brain can only remember 8+/- bits of information at a time, so remember not to over load yourself. Write it down. Meditate daily if you can, even for 20 minutes. Like most light beings we are not from here and massive information and light coming through you is something you will need to get use to, always ground yourself, it is quite helpful.

We all have our off days where we dont get to experience the heavenly magic that we wish, so just know tomorrow is another day and it will happen. My day usually starts off with my father, grandma (in the other dimension of course) or guardian angel waking me up. I play a little music for motivation and when if it isnt so cold I go for a walk.

Even I need to be pushed sometimes; Jesus, Mother Pleiadian, the saints or light being friends from neighboring planets near home usually show up. I am always grateful for their encouragement. Buddha even tapped my wall the other day when I encourage a christian friend to enlighten her mind by studying religion to see what the religions have in common. Definition of religion- a set of beliefs. Usually they vary per country, culture, & environment. People across the globe are not that different than you and I. We want the same simple things dont we, …to know God, Love, peace, know thyself and have a good life.


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Love and Peace.


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Shutting off the Life.

Its interesting as one goes through life, one can see how one grow’s and develops over time. This year I received over $400 in Christmas gift cards and I am very appreciative of the gifts indeed. Yesterday I spent part of the day just shopping for things I may need or want as I already have everything in reality–Ie shelter, food, love, family and family of the light. I could now appreciate all the effort people go through to purchase a gift for another, their intention to purchase a thoughtful gift and I found shopping such a chore! There were still many long lines from other shoppers with gift cards, the selection of merchandise was scarce. And the funniest thing of all is that many people in line were entertaining themselves with their smart phones. Which if you have one you can recommend, please email me and tell me why you like it. Im getting rid of the Iphone, it looks nice, yet is very slow.After a few hours out I really felt like I needed to meditate I did that 2 times when I got home, it really made me appreciate my progress of peace. I use to love to spend countless of hours shopping and buying things I didnt need and in line, it hit me-that, that no longer  satisfies my soul anymore. Its just stuff, it has no real meaning, and when I leave earth, it will stay here. I knew I should be working on my spiritual goals as you always take the lessons of this lifetime with you and know that you have done something for humanity.

Love your soul sister


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Good Karma….

I wanted to talk about something VERY positive. Some like to call it Karma, it comes in GOOD waves to. So know that if you have sent out a lot of giving, it will come back to you. If you are in the 5th dimension, ascended, then expect it all the time. I’ve never experienced it like this. Its really nice. Of course I didnt expect any of this, so its great to experience some of the positive energy, time and gifts I have sent out. Thank God, the Universe, your angels or whoever you like, for all that you have received.

Also try really hard to stay positive about everything. I know it can be challenging, yet this is an essential lesson. Try to point out only the positive in others, otherwise indirectly you are saying that about yourself and it will resonate with you. And indirectly bite you in the butt. And most likely you are mentioning because it is what you may not like about yourself, in psychology its called projecting or what you didn’t like about yourself in the past.

So try to re-frame your mind–on the situation to make it positive, meaning look at the situation from another point of view to loosen your control and what has a hold on you.

One day I said this as I was feeling a little frustrated that too many people get lost in the material world, some were some friends I was trying to reconnect with yet didnt have the time because they needed to go shopping or do the worldly chores instead. And I wanted a close spiritual friend. Then I resolved it in myself by saying. I acknowledge that 12+ years ago I was probably like that, in which I needed to find myself and work through everything that I thought was important. I realized, I only bought all the stuff because it made me feel good, then the feeling went away.

So one day doing all that junk led me to spirituality because I was looking for something more in life. It fills me like nothing else does. It gave me empathy to understand where she is now and how far she has come the past year. And she has come a long way from when we first met. I also realized that many people out there who want a close spiritual friend like me, I just havent met one who is in the same spiritual developmental place yet. Yet it will happen, I know it will.

Im an empath so we are forced to experience others emotions by default when they are around us. Yet you can block it or limit your time with them if its too much for you.

Every morning I can either feel, sense or see my Angels. It is so nice since I didnt know who was in my room just a few years back. They never leave, aren’t we lucky… I say YES!

God and your angels LOVE YOU!



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