Shutting off the Life.

Its interesting as one goes through life, one can see how one grow’s and develops over time. This year I received over $400 in Christmas gift cards and I am very appreciative of the gifts indeed. Yesterday I spent part of the day just shopping for things I may need or want as I already have everything in reality–Ie shelter, food, love, family and family of the light. I could now appreciate all the effort people go through to purchase a gift for another, their intention to purchase a thoughtful gift and I found shopping such a chore! There were still many long lines from other shoppers with gift cards, the selection of merchandise was scarce. And the funniest thing of all is that many people in line were entertaining themselves with their smart phones. Which if you have one you can recommend, please email me and tell me why you like it. Im getting rid of the Iphone, it looks nice, yet is very slow.After a few hours out I really felt like I needed to meditate I did that 2 times when I got home, it really made me appreciate my progress of peace. I use to love to spend countless of hours shopping and buying things I didnt need and in line, it hit me-that, that no longer  satisfies my soul anymore. Its just stuff, it has no real meaning, and when I leave earth, it will stay here. I knew I should be working on my spiritual goals as you always take the lessons of this lifetime with you and know that you have done something for humanity.

Love your soul sister


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