Death of a friend

Recently my friend passed,

It was a windy day and I woke up too sick to go to his memorial. Yet another part of me -didn’t want to acknowledge his death because he is still alive to me. Also its hard to be sick and pick up everyone’s feelings, have spirits try to come through and deliver messages and do this with a happy face, be strong, I’m human too. Its was just a little too much when under the weather, had it been any other time, I would of gone. Plus I would of given this horrible Flu to everyone. I did cry when I was alone, I couldn’t help it. My cat came over to comfort me, he is quite intuitive. My friends believe he is an angelic familiar (protector)-he is special.

Years ago I would of been sad for days or weeks but this time was definitely different since I’m much more spiritual & I know that we do not die. Also I realized I wasn’t crying for him because hes okay. But for me because I will not get to experience him in the same way on Earth anymore, until I go home.

Where I’m at in life, I am more detached from it in the respect that I know we live forever and after here we will live again and again. Our Home is somewhere out in space. We are strong, divine , intelligent beings that took such assignments. I think even if we are given a preview of what is to come, we can not fully encompass what it feels and looks like until we are on the planet. In fact death for me will probably be a gracious event as I cant wait to get my wings back and go HOME and be with my spiritual family. I like them in spirit form. Yet I will be happy when I do not have to worry about eating, earthly issues and maintaining the body.

Love your sister,


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