Divine Providence

Jan 20, 2013
Today is Sunday it is about 5pm. My girlfriend invites me over, it us 4 of us, all happen to be angelics. She invites a new friend and she is another Angelic sister, we are so alike, its uncanny. Ill call her Angela. When she told Angela about me, she said she had to meet me. Funny huh, how the soul knows what to do sometimes. We had dinner, we hung out and I usually give my close girlfriends free guidance. When I gave Angela an intuitive reading I started to cry because as I was channeling guidance for her, she said I know you, well I knew her too. We never forget our sister Angels, never. As we sat their in the dim light, I could see the halo’s behind them, it was simply amazing. I drove home in tears as this had more meaning to me, than just the meeting of new friends. Angela moved for the upper part of the state to where I lived, were talking many miles and she was led right to me. It made me realize how big God is and is working for us behind the scenes. How could I of possibly created that, it was just amazing.
Jan 23, 2013
Tonight I attend a mediation, I invited Angela to come with me, I had just met her on Sunday. Tonight was the night of the bowls. I brought my Tibetan bowl with me. As we started meditating we gave messages. One women said she heard birds chirping in the dark, it was a sign of course. I spoke to God in my mind, right after that a cloud descended upon the circle. God sent it. It was just a sign to us all. They were showing me that when Jesus had ascended from the cloud to his disciples in ancient times, so I would understand this was God.
I also had channeled a message from a couple who showed up, the son had took his own life. The son who is on the other side. he came through he said that he was okay and was sorry that he caused them pain. She was very much into Budha, she even said that Budha said- “I am always with you”. They told me to go to her and give her a private reading. We are going to meet soon. See then said that she was seeing a mans blue eyes with define eyebrows. I was getting that it was Jesus. I was reading a book published in 2009 about Jesus yesterday and I was asking him many questions that I didnt get answers to yet. Anyhow as I was sitting there he was telling me to go see her as he wants us to connect. I so can not wait to know what the reason is.

Jan. 24, 2013

Tonight there is a business mixer and I really did not feel like going, yet my spiritual guide tells me to go, so I do. Im feeling a little sad and disillusioned with man and how they have allowed their inner EGO control all of their conscious decisions. Meaning they vote for the benefit of themselves not for the good of humanity on the environment and in life; very sad actually. I see many books that are lies and see how humans have a hard time voting for the oneness of humanity.

So I leave the house and go to this mixer, I meet a few new new people. Sometimes I do not know what the real reason I am sent to a place. Well my long time business friend is there, I congratulate him on his new position to find out that his wife of 35 years just up and left him. I was in utter shock. They were together forever . He ran a business for some 2.5 years, he does business development. I guess she decided one day that she wanted a different life. I felt utter and complete sadness for him, because I had been through it myself. I offered him words of encouragement, I also gave him a personal message. Earth is tough, I of all people know this. If people thought about how their decisions and actions would some day come back to them , then perhaps they would be more more careful about making their choice.

peace and love, I wish you a great blessed week-

Your soul sister from ancient times,



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