Dealing with the EGO

This is one of the most important things we all will learn about while here on earth. It is letting go of our EGO.

It serves many purposes, first of all peace, also so we do not argue with each other, or attempt to make them right or wrong. It is a challenge, yet the goal in life is just respect where people are in life.

Its good to exchange ideas, yet if it goes no where, then discontinue the conversation. We see foreign countries kill over their personal beliefs and point of views, and then say they do it for God, yet we all know they do it for self-THE EGO.

I had this happen to me recently, a sister of a friend, was trying to convert me to her religion per say. Even though I told her I was brought up in that religion, yet now (that I am spiritually enlightened) I follow the way of the monks, which is just accept everyone, no matter where they are in life, like God does.

Anyhow, at the end the conversation, it was going in circles, she was quoting a lot of scriptures to me, which is fine, yet it served no purpose as she didn’t really mention why she was quoting them. I said that’s great I own 4 bibles, so what is that you are wanting from me, to think exactly like you? I tried to share some new ideas with her, but she was not open to this, yet.

Everyone thinks slightly different and that is okay, she was fighting her own EGO, as in her mind if she allowed me to think the way I do, in her mind it means she is wrong and that it would effect her own religious beliefs. We all deal with this in many ways, it is a big lesson for sure. Some times I just let the person rant and rave and do not respond, I have to say most of the time this is the answer because if they are not at a place of oneness and openness they will not hear what you have to say anyways.

I have also noticed and read that every situation is a lesson, as the world reflects and mirrors what we do, what we need to learn, who we are or what we know. So be kind because bad Karma sucks. Give credit where credit is due and receive when goodness comes to you. Everything comes full circle, everything! Im seeing this much more clearly now that Im at a much higher vibration.

Your sister, Nefertiti

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