CHEM TRAILS, the use of Oil, FOOD & our Environment

Dear ones,
It is up to us to change the world, we all can make an impact, it can be either for the good of humanity or for its demise. What will you choose? Mother earth, your children, your grandchildren, your parents, life beyond our existence or yourself-(the now).  Life from other planets have confirmed that chem trails do exists and they are cleaning up our air as we pollute it into outer space. Why? because we are affecting the Universe, other planets and life with our planets pollution. So what will it take for us to be more responsible as a whole.. again will man choose EGO or will they choose “oneness”.
The use of oil: mankind tends to have a reverse way of looking at things when it comes to resources, I see. So will we tap into the universe’s intelligence beyond our own existence or will we simply choose what we know here on planet earth. Other life, Aliens, the Angels are far more advanced that mankind, so isnt it time that we used all the earth Angels God sent to the planet to tap into their intelligence. They and all other life beyond our planet are ready and waiting to help us.
Currently Nasa is wasting a lot of time and money sending messages with their expensive equipment and they believe this is advancing humanity. Yet they could go to incarnate Earth Angels and Light beings that have the ability to communicate with other life (currently on the planet) to get the information they need- in hours, verse centuries. They would save a lot of time and money and we could advance several hundred years with this new information and resources they have. We could fix world hunger, water problems, communication problems, reduce the use of resources we are running out of,  find alternatives to sustain life on earth, alternative energy, etc., Now just imagine how many solutions they have just waiting for us ?.. Again will mankind choose the whole or self (Ego)?
Not only would we save our planet, the animals, species that are going extinct, and resources; but we would be the leading country in all of these NEW innovations, I don’t know about you but that is something I want to be a part of. We are long past the days of the dinosaurs, oil was put on the earth as a stepping stone to other resources God has in mind for us, so isn’t it time we discover what they are or who isn’t allowing them to go to market. Several of these innovations have been buried from the market because they would threaten their industries yet with the internet, anything is possible, you could make your discovery and innovation viral in just hours/days.
GMO Food– I believe its each individual;s responsibility as well as the government to disclose what is in our food. It should be a law. If your eating, digesting or in taking of a harmful chemical shouldn’t that be disclosed? Even if it cost 10 cents more, its your body, your life, everything that is not of nature of its pure elements effects us. I believe one day in the near future someone will sue the government for negligence and WIN because they do not require to disclosure. By default having any product or produce in american markets its stating that it is safe for consumption. Isn’t that what this implies, the average person, grocery shopper, would agree with me and so would a jury of everyday people. We can not use the excuse that people should educate themselves when it suits us.  Especially when it comes to food. Gov’t should see that no matter who is against labeling it is in the best interest of humanity to disclose how they are made. And those who know what is in the products and still eats them, well then that is on them. Dont people still eat donuts, chips, coke and junk food etc  Despite the ingredients.


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