Having Integrity when working with Spiritual Gifts

I feel the path of light workers ( who are leaders and teachers) takes a deep level of commitment and integrity and I encourage all light workers to hold themselves to the highest standards. Meaning do not deceive others with words or when selling them your spiritual products or with your gifts.
Just yesterday I attended a seminar and someone claimed that opening their email gave people healing. Also she said she was selling special crystals that were expensive. This person was a medium and did the traditional healing we all do, she was using trickery, deceit and taking advantage of those new to spirituality. Being advance, I knew exactly what was going on. Sometimes we have to use logic when it comes to such claims. Or if we bring new seekers with you, let them know whats going on. As we are all responsible for those we introduce to our world, guide and beyond.
If it sounds to good to be true; then maybe it is. Obviously healing happens on different levels and they are different level of healers too, investigate who you are dealing with. And do the work to get the results. Many things are possible yet telling people opening your email and that they will be healed is clearly misleading the blind. When people do this they must realize they not only effect the person with false claims but the industry as well. In turn they may turn some new spiritual people away from their path, or they make the industry look bad as a whole.
This is when we are “one” really applies. God gives you these gifts, so do not misuse them. I feel the appropriate thing is for the person to reevaluate why they are in the spiritual  business of healing, stop this practice or go to another profession. As it was never intended to take advantage of people just because you are more evolved. You can support yourself and heal people with out bolding lying to them. One must not believe in the law of Abundance if you feel you must do this.


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