Go Tell it on the Mountain…with Moses of Israel

My friend and I visited a Monastery in the mountains today. The monk who came to visit this week to speak, so happen to be Moses of Israel, I can barely believe it. As I walked in 15m late and he stopped and starting singing  “Go tell it on the mountain.” A sure message to me that he wanted his people to know he is ALIVE! and so he is. I am spiritually awake, can channel this info and do past life regressions thats how I know.

I can tell he was channeling Jesus as that is all he would talk about. Keep in mind this is a monastery that encompasses all the religions. Yet today his focus was on Jesus; as we both lived during those days.
He gave me many good messages for me personally and everyone in the room. And I would expect nothing less from Mosses. Also that we can appreciate what churches have given us because they inspire the spirit with in people. Which I surely couldn’t disagree with that.

He kept singing and going on about Jesus, I loved it and those who were connected with their soul would of certainly understood why. He thanked everybody for being a part of the monastery.
In another part of his speech, he said that we are all from  Africa as several of us had lived there at one point in history.
My favorite part was when he said the person illuminated meditating on top of the mountain does more for the world, than anyone else. So I will leave you with that. Go meditate and raise your vibration for PEACE.

D. Nefertiti


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