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Signs, Symbols, messages and Synchronicity

Signs are everywhere and once you tune in to yourself and your  personal intuition you will start to realize what they mean for you. Now there is no dictionary for these things, nothing specific for meanings either. You are the decoder of all what you see, sense, feel, smell and experience. As no 2 people get the same meanings for the answers to the personal questions they have put out in the universe for their angels to answer.

Angelics use telepathy and will send you the answers to your questions via all the intuitive senses. So if you are visual they will send you a picture and you have to figure out what that means to you. Usually its symbolic in nature. If your 3rd eye is open, it maybe a video. If you are empathic then they will send you feelings about people, situations etc. If you are an old soul, then you will channel the information thats available and known with in the universe. Like you read this article then you go about your day and see something in this article a few more times. Now your guides could be pointing something out to you, watch for the timing of things.
Also they could be wanting you to learn or just practicing the art of understanding what you are getting. Usually I will get a strong sense of what the message is for me. Like oh, yes I needed to hear that. And in time you will work up to having the discernment always;  in which you will learn how to use your intuitive gifts and have instant clarity on anything you want to know..

Your Angel Mother

D. Nefertiti

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The Road of Life

Life gives us many ups and downs. The key is learning how to NOT react in life, that is what I have learned. Yesterday I had to say a much needed good bye to a friend. My angels couldn’t of made it any more clear. The final message was a friend walked in and said you cant carry people on your back. Boy is she right.
She was just not in alignment with what I need to focus on. Some people will just be takers, in a relationship it is give and take. So if you are always the giver, there is a problem. Connect with your higher self and ask your angels to bring you the type of relationships  you need, want and deserve.

Life is a mystery and as you open up you can see all that awaits you if you are open to the mysteries and possibilities in life.

Your Angel Mother

D. Nefertiti

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Pass the test of Life… what lessons are you repeating and why?

Daily, weekly, monthly we are tested in different ways. Often we come to earth and there are lessons we must learn so we can advance to enlightenment. Which is our pure, divine connection to our creator at the highest vibrational state we can be on earth. Which brings love, peace and acceptance to ourselves and the world. And that is the goal of our existence on the planet.
Each life is different and it teaches us something new and different. For some it will be to get over being jealous of others. For others it will be to quit wanting what your neighbor or friends have so much so that they will attempt to steal it. And for others it maybe to let go, trust our creator and know that your abundance from source may come in all ways, it may not always be monetary. Anyhow there are many lessons on earth these are only a few; of the ones I see around.

Are you ready to trust, let your angelic guides lead you to a happier more peaceful frame of mind and inner peace. You have to happy with you, who you are and where you are going. Usually the way we treat people tells the world how happy or unhappy we are with ourselves. Our words, our actions and our love for humanity.

Anyone living in the negative or creating negativity, certainly doesn’t have our creator in mind, do they…God, our creator is pure love, accepting, grace, hope, peace all rolled into one. He has allowed us to come to earth for a human experience in a body form. It can be very fun and challenging as well. Fun when we are in sync with love and everyone around us is too. Challenging when the earthly elements of fear, jealously and unkindness start to unfold in the human race. Earth is a playground for learning. I will not lie to you it can be difficult at times. I suggest everyone learn how to connect with their soul, meditate and access their inner gift of intuition which allows us to connect with our source, which is our creator. Earth created many man truths, for you to know God’s truth one must use the spiritual gifts he has given everyone to access his guidance. Mankind was never meant to dominate certain races or religion that is all man created, not of God.
As we are souls from the same source and we all have been many different races through out our existence. Whether you remember or not. In time, you will if you connect with yourself. I have been Jewish, White, hispanic, European, asian, and African to name a few. Each life was meant to teach me something different and to have empathy for other races. We are to learn these lessons so we do not repeat them. What recurring situations happen in your life? And are you continually allowing it to replay again and again. Detach, review it in your mind, replay what occurred and most of all learn the lesson. With everything ask yourself, what am I to learn here?

Your Angel Mother,
D. Nefertiti

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Worldwide protests planned on eve of Bradley Manning trial — RT USA

Free Bradley Manning;  his only crime telling the world the truth.

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What friendships are worth keeping?

I have learned so much in the last few years from the people around me. First we always have a choice. Even when it feels like we do not. It is to be free and to choose what feels right and comfortable for us.
When you really get to know the people around you, you may find they are not who you thought they were. Some may even be close friends or family members. And over time they will show you who they really are; sometimes you have to cut bait and run while you can. So you do not feel the consequences of their choices and behavior. We can love and accept someone as they are, yet know they are not right for our path or our lives until they grow or work on themselves.
I say this because in the past I would keep the wrong friends around for too long and allow them to practice on me. Meaning they learned their intended life lesson with me. Yet it was quite uncomfortable because their actions were really unacceptable. Them saying mean things or doing the unthinkable in front of me, to please and satisfy their ego or self.
Being the loving individual I am I like to think the best of people. So now I realize, I can let them practice with someone else who will put up with a substandard friendship that isn’t mutual to my effort and may result in pain in some respect.
I respect the person who is direct, honest and reciprocates on some level. It does not need to be financial or gifts, it could just be listening when Im having a hard day or having a cup of coffee or hanging out. Friendships are never about money. It is about a special connection with another soul that is priceless.
Our angels are always trying to guide us, help us and tell us ; hey I know you feel but you do not belong, it isn’t a good environment. Listen, listen. I found this out recently with several friendships, I had channeled it exactly right. I just didnt want to believe they were capable of those things. In my life, God has graciously spared me and removed immature people from my life time over time in the last 5 years. At first, I didnt like it. I thought is sucked in fact. Now I completely understand why it is necessary. We only have a certain amount of time and we should invest it wisely.
Anything that takes us away from our personal peace, is not acceptable. Do they demonstrate love and do they bring out the best in you. That is what a friendship is for. Stand up for what you believe in and do not be afraid to confront those who act like children. They need to hear the truth from the people around them , it is guidance and they clearly need it more than ever.
I empathize knowing something occurred in their life that makes them feel they must behave in a destructive way to compromise others. Unfortunately they will have to learn with someone does the same thing to them. This is how God or the universe teaches us empathy..

Your Angel Mother,
D. Nefertiti

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