Pass the test of Life… what lessons are you repeating and why?

Daily, weekly, monthly we are tested in different ways. Often we come to earth and there are lessons we must learn so we can advance to enlightenment. Which is our pure, divine connection to our creator at the highest vibrational state we can be on earth. Which brings love, peace and acceptance to ourselves and the world. And that is the goal of our existence on the planet.
Each life is different and it teaches us something new and different. For some it will be to get over being jealous of others. For others it will be to quit wanting what your neighbor or friends have so much so that they will attempt to steal it. And for others it maybe to let go, trust our creator and know that your abundance from source may come in all ways, it may not always be monetary. Anyhow there are many lessons on earth these are only a few; of the ones I see around.

Are you ready to trust, let your angelic guides lead you to a happier more peaceful frame of mind and inner peace. You have to happy with you, who you are and where you are going. Usually the way we treat people tells the world how happy or unhappy we are with ourselves. Our words, our actions and our love for humanity.

Anyone living in the negative or creating negativity, certainly doesn’t have our creator in mind, do they…God, our creator is pure love, accepting, grace, hope, peace all rolled into one. He has allowed us to come to earth for a human experience in a body form. It can be very fun and challenging as well. Fun when we are in sync with love and everyone around us is too. Challenging when the earthly elements of fear, jealously and unkindness start to unfold in the human race. Earth is a playground for learning. I will not lie to you it can be difficult at times. I suggest everyone learn how to connect with their soul, meditate and access their inner gift of intuition which allows us to connect with our source, which is our creator. Earth created many man truths, for you to know God’s truth one must use the spiritual gifts he has given everyone to access his guidance. Mankind was never meant to dominate certain races or religion that is all man created, not of God.
As we are souls from the same source and we all have been many different races through out our existence. Whether you remember or not. In time, you will if you connect with yourself. I have been Jewish, White, hispanic, European, asian, and African to name a few. Each life was meant to teach me something different and to have empathy for other races. We are to learn these lessons so we do not repeat them. What recurring situations happen in your life? And are you continually allowing it to replay again and again. Detach, review it in your mind, replay what occurred and most of all learn the lesson. With everything ask yourself, what am I to learn here?

Your Angel Mother,
D. Nefertiti

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