Signs, Symbols, messages and Synchronicity

Signs are everywhere and once you tune in to yourself and your  personal intuition you will start to realize what they mean for you. Now there is no dictionary for these things, nothing specific for meanings either. You are the decoder of all what you see, sense, feel, smell and experience. As no 2 people get the same meanings for the answers to the personal questions they have put out in the universe for their angels to answer.

Angelics use telepathy and will send you the answers to your questions via all the intuitive senses. So if you are visual they will send you a picture and you have to figure out what that means to you. Usually its symbolic in nature. If your 3rd eye is open, it maybe a video. If you are empathic then they will send you feelings about people, situations etc. If you are an old soul, then you will channel the information thats available and known with in the universe. Like you read this article then you go about your day and see something in this article a few more times. Now your guides could be pointing something out to you, watch for the timing of things.
Also they could be wanting you to learn or just practicing the art of understanding what you are getting. Usually I will get a strong sense of what the message is for me. Like oh, yes I needed to hear that. And in time you will work up to having the discernment always;  in which you will learn how to use your intuitive gifts and have instant clarity on anything you want to know..

Your Angel Mother

D. Nefertiti

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