Your Job is to be YOU!

As you awaken to who you truly are, your inner divine, your natural abilities;  perhaps your intended path for your life. As you discover this with in yourself. You will feel more free, more at ease, more at peace of who you are and why you came to earth at this time.

Many of us old souls know our purpose, remember who we are and we are just here to guide and remind you who you are. We will do this in a variety of ways; so if you have access to us or if you have the time to invest in working with us; I strongly encourage all to invest in yourself to open yourself spiritually, mentally, emotionally to discover your true potential. So you can get to your intended life path as soon as tomorrow.

Many of you are sleeping in a sense that you have been doing work that you hate, your body is begging for attention that symptoms manifest with in you to show you discomfort, or that you are just unhappy with life in general . Perhaps because you are doing what others want you to instead of listening to your higher self–known as the soul. The soul always knows what to do when you give it rest and peace. It will tell you. If you can not hear your inner soul it is because you either live in chaos or participate in the chaos around you. Sometimes one has to decide what will be….myself or them? If you are empathic, a giver, or an angelic; then you may understand what I speak of. Give without expectation; but do not give so much of yourself that you do not have time for you or can not do anything for yourself. Ponder that.
If you tend to be self absorbed and stuck in the world of things, you may need to temporarily have space from the frenzy around you so you can focus on other things…soul things. We all go through that at some point through out our life span; It is a stage, an opportunity for growth, observe it, let it go and work on the soul.

Use your time wisely; if you find yourself wrapped up in things that give your soul little to no return on its investment then take time to self reflect on why you are continuing on that same path.


Your Angel Mother,

D. Nefertiti

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