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How to handle Tough times..

We all go through tough times. No matter where you are in life; status, spiritual, financial or otherwise. I believe that is just part of the journey. Certainly I have had some kick me in the butt type weeks. As I, like most people have to remember to detach from certain earthly things, we all forget if we allow ourselves to get sucked into every day life.

Sort of like the song and like the guides say…”were only human” . Yet spirit is always there to help. It is important for us all to remember to silence our minds, so we can connect as that is usually the best solution when we feel overwhelmed with life.

I usually like to spend a good amount of time alone, in peace and/or in silence. It gives me the time I need to raise my vibration, detach, clear and connect with spirit. I also think it is important to do spiritual things with groups as it encourages you to work on yourself, your path and push forward to the next level. I know if I hadn’t forced myself to do those things, I probably would be like some of my friends who didn’t evolve like I did. But I did as much as I could because I wanted to see results.

Today I went to a spa with a friend; something I normally do not do. It was very relaxing. Most of the time we were in silence and it gave me time to open up my 3rd eye without distractions, see guides coming through and talk with spirit and talk about spiritual things. For me that is fun, because when Im out in the world taking care of earth chores, busy, busy, busy..I can not enjoy these gifts in the same way. As you may already know.

Just yesterday I was told to water my neighbors plants, I got the message a few times, I had this obsession of watering their plants, I thought it was the plants telling me. I know that sounds odd but it has happened before.
I later realized it was the neighbors guide coming through, directing me to do it. I was sort of in a rush when I got home, that all I kept thinking was that Ill do it later. So when I slowed down from everything that I was doing, I finally did it. Come to learn that it was a guide and my neighbors back door was wide open. Interesting, sometimes we just need to slow down, TRUST and listen to hear what the message or assignment is.

D. Nefertiti

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You are here with a purpose…

My friend Rudy

In my mid 20’s,  I met a man by the name of Rudy. He was in his 40’s. At first we sort of butted heads. But after we were forced to work together in like positions, we literally became the best of friends. So you never know what spirit will lead you to.
At the time, I was a moderate Christian follower. Rudy introduced me to new age and spirituality. And he gave me this book that he wanted me to read. Being hard headed at the time, I read a few pages and put it down. At the time I was not ready for that book. I barely read it in full,  last year. In fact my guides hid certain things of mine so I would read it. And they were returned  to me after I read it. Cool huh.. But there were so many messages their for me. Amazing, and in perfect time.
I thought Rudys creation ideas were out there, but he was more advance than me, back then. So I couldn’t relate. I know now he was one of the many sent to wake me up. He use to call me champ. And I hear him right now, saying it to me…”How are you champ”. He is now on the other side. He crossed over in January.
I miss those days, they were fun. We worked long hours, mostly 50-60 hours a week for a company called Innoventry. But we were living in the moment and getting paid for it. We would take long drives to the desert, Im sure our guides were laughing as they tried for years to get through to me. Im just so glad they have succeeded and so have I. Rudy wasn’t the only one sent to wake me up. There were at least 20 others. All earth Angels, many telling me my purpose and many messages. So I thank each one of them for helping me get here. And doing their job, Like I do with those who come to me. And I am grateful because otherwise I wouldn’t be using my unique God given talents to help others, Id be wasting them. When only handful of us on the planet have these abilities as ancient souls.
If you suspect, or know you are an old soul, start your path today because otherwise you are just passing the time. Youve done this before. And you are here with a purpose. So get to it.


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