Ever been moved by a Movie?

To my surprise I was moved by the movie Mr. Banks. Its the real story of how Mr. Disney got the book writer (Helen) of Mary Poppins to give her story to him. Amazing movie, its worth your Redbox $1.20 for sure.

Many of us have had many road blocks, struggles and sometimes we may even wonder where is the Rainbow in all of this…

Yet sometimes our Rainbow is the here and now. We get caught up in an imaginary destination we give ourselves that we forget to enjoy the NOW. A recent lesson my guides have been teaching me all summer long. Today as I stare out into the ocean I can see how beautiful the earth already is.
Yesterday I came across a video on Fb where a spool of dolphins accidentally beached themselves, as if the waves brought them in right onto the beach sand. Watchers on the beach went out and pulled the 35 dolphins by their tales back into the water, it was truly beautiful to see.

As you think of all the reasons why you cannot reach your goals/dreams, today think of the one reason WHY, you should at least try. Who knows it maybe your story, your initiative that makes the difference in this world.

In peace and Love Nefertiti..

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