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How do we process information so that NLP, HYPNOSIS & Regression will work?

Many people ask me about this. So I will do my best to describe it here online. Otherwise call me, if you are looking to sit down for a regression with me.

Everyone has an internal representation of how they take in information. For example we both can take in the same information and translate it differently.

Yet we will both take in the information, then we will DELETE< DISTORT,  and generalize the information. Then break it into different codes so to speak such as:  Languages, memories, time/space, matter/energy, decisions, meta programs, values/beliefs, and attitudes.

From there we make our own IR. That translates into a state then into PHYSIOLOGY in the body and all those lead to a Behavior.

So if we look at your different decisions, meta programs, values, and attitudes and even reactions to situations,  we can break down what we need to do in NLP, Hypnotherapy or Regression,  to help you move past your personal block. Its  very interesting.

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D. Nefertiti

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Meditation vs. Hypnosis

Many people ask, what is the difference. Well this is my explanation, so I hope it helps you.

Meditation -is a state of simple relaxation, to release tension, that one attempts to achieve alone or in a group setting if you like being social or have never tried before.

Hypnosis is a Deeper state of Relaxation, where you are guided by an Hypnotherapist to  allow the brain to go to the deeper Theta waves. Yes it is easier to get to the Theta waves with direction and facilitation if you have not learned how to get there ever. Then placing the positive states in a detailed descriptive way to implement new behaviors you want to achieve. More likely to take at this level, if the person is ready for that change. Obviously you cannot instruct yourself with a new behaviour, with your old thoughts and processes, someone else has to do it. And if you have blocks you can work with them with NLP first then move forward with Hypnotherapy.

Neuro Linguistic Programming-about 40+ exercises that allow the mind, to shift their perspective in some form. Release tension on the surface level as well. Different exercises for different people and behaviors modifications.

When I first started out years ago, I didn’t even know how to meditate. I attended a group class and the instructor taught me how. This is easy to achieve after a few group classes. Its just getting the discipline to do it more often. Now a days my mind is at peace most days and I do various things to help me get back to peace, like watch the water, do spiritual outings, channel, write, or help others. Thats what I enjoy.

As for Hypnotherapy it really  allows you to let go, reacher higher brain waves, let go of wandering thoughts with firm instruction. Usually I take a questionnaire and/or ask questions to see how resistant your mind may be. There are different methods to get the outcomes you are seeking. Belief is everything. If you are a resistant type client then don’t expect to group Hypnotherapy to work on you every time, do a 1 to 1, so you can have your session tailored. If you’ve been meditation for some time then group may likely work on you. Yet remember group session are general topics anyone they are not tailored to specific, individual behaviors and personal goals.

I have used Hypnotherapy for different things myself. Such as to quit eating so much junk food. Ever since my teens, so about 25 years I have really liked the salty, snack foods that have little to no nutritional value. Until about 4 years ago Hypnosis got me to kick this habit once and for all. I still have the occasional handful of chips, yet not nearly like before. I liked eating donuts for breakfast with my coffee. And who wouldn’t with all the sugar and chocolate in the morning, it was delicious in my mind. As a teen my mother always served me coffee for breakfast, that was her thing. And I anchored those times with her, with coffee, imagine that!

I found out with NLP that I had anchored donuts to different times in my life that were good for me. So you see I was eating the donuts for more than just the delicious taste but the feelings it gave me. Boy was I glad to change my bad eating habits. One time in my 20’s I had gained 15 lbs from eating chips everyday for months. Yes, Doritos can do that to your waistline. I had just gone through the death of my father, as a child I always ate chips, it gave me comfort. I was so sad when he died, I guess I was just looking to replace the extreme sadness I felt. No amount of chips made the feelings go away completely. Grief is a process. Yet I know NLP and Hypnosis would of stopped me from going over board, I just didn’t know it back then. It took me months to run off all that weight i had gained in that month and I hated the process.

So if you have a bad habit you want to get rid of or a new goal you want to work on and can’t seem to achieve, definitely try NLP and Hypnotherapy. Its a powerful success formula.


D. Nefertiti

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The Mona Lisa..

The Mona Lisa


Did you know the Mona Lisa was stolen by a museum employee in 1911? Later recovered from an employee 2 years later…? Amazing isn’t it? France is literally like a 2nd home to me for various reasons. I had a past life there where the French took me in when I had to flea a land in total turmoil. I had the pleasure of recapping this experience when reuniting with an angelic sister during her regression.
A few years ago, ironically an old girlfriend use to call me the Mona Lisa. It wasn’t until I dug into my past lives that I even knew what she meant. Currently my great grandparents were french according to a family member. Many family members have the light skin, dark hair features with various eye combinations. And who doesn’t love french perfume, chocolate and wine!!
Sort of like life. How things take a while to be realized & harvested. Im sure the this is true for any major accomplishments in your current life. I was talking to a friend about all the things I do to get new business owners to agree to work on their business. Its not a short list. Anyhow some of these clients have taken me months or years to cultivate. From the outside viewers some may think wow, she’s up and running with no effort; yet most of things I am doing do take a huge time investment. So when you look at the price tag of any given service or product know that 200% effort is behind that. Think about the entire process and details that person had to do to deliver that to you.
As a person who likes to prep everything and be 100% knowledgeable on any given topic of project. Every assignment I take on, takes full effort, time and consideration. There is not half baking anything and putting your name on it. Anything that is quality takes time. “Just like finding the Mona Lisa!” It took them 2 years, to figure it out!!

Angel Nefertiti
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A Simple Act of Kindness

Sometimes nothing can replace the kindness of an in law, a nephew, a new friend, a neighbor or an ancient soul. Some how it just hits me straight in the heart unexpectedly… Today as I drove home in silence. I arrived to my home that is being repaired, a bit of a mess as the carpet was just pulled. Then the phone rang my nephew called to see if I wanted to come play the WII with him, simple, yet sweet. Taking a walk to see the sunset and the shimmering water, amazingly beautiful. Words can’t describe them.

I remember when I first got divorce over 10 years I was numb for a few months, in shock, like a train had hit me, I really didn’t know what happened. It came up fast and then it was over. In a good way it led me to rethink of why I was here and why it had to end. Spiritually I knew I wasn’t growing. Back then, I followed Christianity heavily and in my bubble, I didn’t want to acknowledge anything else. If you had an opinion of another belief system, I didn’t want to hear it.
Now, 10 years wiser and millenniums of progress later, of being awakened, I am at a much different place. I am interested in what others think, how they feel and why and how they got where they are. It is interesting. Thats what makes life interesting. I thank God for the intelligence he has bestowed upon me and for allowing to have a greater understanding of situations and people, even though it can be heartbreaking at times. Like they say; don’t ask for the truth, if your not ready for it. We all hope people will see our side so there can be a middle ground between us. And that is the lesson, try to see it from their side, if you don’t the universe may show you 1st hand and that may or may not be so enjoyable.
Now in 2014, I can feel the simple Joys that life has to offer, that I couldn’t exactly feel after a major change as divorce. Im sure you’ve had at least one time in your life where this probably occurred. For instance, just watching the cat I took in, be very cute, come up and brush me for attention, then sit on the edge of my bed enjoying the window view and the air from the window. Picking up my 2nd cat, rocking him like a baby and looking out to the sunset; see these things are free , yet so beautiful, so divinely pure. Being in touch with yourself you certainly can feel the value of them. Something I couldn’t do years ago.I think it is just divine to be able to have cats living with us, lying around, I just love it, if I could have cheetahs, tigers, monkeys, in my place; I would. Have you ever noticed how divinely perfect and peaceful pets are?

When people make gestures, these are the days when people really tune in and get what the angels are sharing…the message of Love, Peace, togetherness, happiness, etc. I really believe this. Earlier I had some disappointing news, even though the result of the situation, were not my personal decisions, it was somehow upsetting on a soul level. Yes those are the times you hope the other person would try to understand your perspective for a minute.
2 days ago I had to resolve a business matter, I was really frustrated with it as the solution had not yet arrived. Im sure everyone can relate to that. And Jesus appeared, he came in so bright, a strong energy, so bright I couldn’t miss him. That was my hope that day and I needed it. Im sure just like many of you, who sometimes need that immediate solace from another. The day after when the solution came, I literally was jumping up and down. Then the person mentioned the Harvest Crusade, I just smiled. If people want to celebrate Jesus, they should. He is the Holy King of the creator.


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From Every challenge, success can come. It can empower you to go above and beyond to where you are needing to go or you can simply just give up. It is your choice.…
I know there are many ways to the place you may want to get. So explore those options. Recently I was volunteering with several other CEO’s and I learned a lot from them, they taught me where there is a will there is a way.
I know recently some minor road blocks incidentally wanted to block me. Personally I am not going to allow other peoples personal limitations keep me from what I need to do to move forward in life. Its unfortunate everyone doesn’t feel this way.
Also since I suffer from Gluten intolerance that was a temporary block. Unknowingly eating something from a restaurant that happen to have gluten in it, then the next day it knocked me out where I was sick the entire day. I finally figured out it was Gluten, from my Angels, sort of amazing really. And now I just do not eat it anymore and have been feeling pretty good with little to no down time.
When we come to earth we have simple tools, like intuition, intelligence, will power and passion yet it is up to each one of us to take these God given talents and do something with them. We all have the choice to serve the world in our own way, what will be yours?
I encourage you all to meditate, try hypnosis or just go do something spiritual, the action can have a lasting profound effect on your life. (events found on my personal meet up) I have never regretted spending so much time learning, relearning, looking at history, connecting with my angles and investigating aspects of the soul, divine and creation.
Recently I made more of a conscious effort of thanking the universe for everything. And I mean everything. I found a dime, I said thank you. For months dimes would be placed in all the cities I would visit. This has been occurring for 1 year. Even my husband started finding dimes. From Catalina to Hawaii we found dimes. Last month in Hawaii I told my husband they are waiting for us, that was the message from my Angels, as the Polynesian show was about to start and the lady was cutting our coconuts. In the location we were going to sit, there was one dime on the floor and one on my seat. I couldn’t believe it. My husband asked if I had put them there, as he was 5 seconds behind me. Of course I didn’t and it was total confirmation of what I told him.
In July I went to Catalina solo and I found a dime on the floor as I got off the boat, too perfect to be random. I went to snorkel with the fish, I think people were more concerned that I went alone on my Birthday than I was. Besides, I could clearly see all my guides were with me and many new energies coming through. As I approached the water at Lovers cove, there were about 20 other people snorkeling. As I entered the water 20 big gray fish surrounded me. I was a little intimidated at first, yet knew it was just a greeting. I was just so surprised. I got in the cold water which was about 55 degrees and there were only about 40 fish or so. There were not that many fish for the first hour. I got out for 30 minutes, then I asked God for more fish. As I went back into the water literally there was at least 600+ fish. I was floating above them all, it was truly amazing. Talk about shock, I was shocked, 40 went to 600. I wanted to cry, even my 3rd eye was working really well I could see other energy in the water. What an experience to be one with nature and the elements. I know when I left the house that day, I didn’t know how it would be, yet my guides have been encouraging me to do more even if its alone, and Im so glad I did. I find it funny that many highly spiritual people may be alone at time due to distance or other peoples schedules yet we are NEVER really alone, that was my lesson this past year.
Anyhow from finding dimes for a year it went to quarters recently, the universe is very symbolic that way. I know it means my efforts will multiply in time. This past month I found a few quarters and yesterday I walked up to a gym machine and found 94 cents.
So give thanks…Life isn’t about riches its about being grateful for what you have and who you can share it with. As well as being able to experience different things in a positive matter in a pleasant atmosphere with not much conflict.

D. Nefertiti

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