How do we process information so that NLP, HYPNOSIS & Regression will work?

Many people ask me about this. So I will do my best to describe it here online. Otherwise call me, if you are looking to sit down for a regression with me.

Everyone has an internal representation of how they take in information. For example we both can take in the same information and translate it differently.

Yet we will both take in the information, then we will DELETE< DISTORT,  and generalize the information. Then break it into different codes so to speak such as:  Languages, memories, time/space, matter/energy, decisions, meta programs, values/beliefs, and attitudes.

From there we make our own IR. That translates into a state then into PHYSIOLOGY in the body and all those lead to a Behavior.

So if we look at your different decisions, meta programs, values, and attitudes and even reactions to situations,  we can break down what we need to do in NLP, Hypnotherapy or Regression,  to help you move past your personal block. Its  very interesting.

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D. Nefertiti

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