Meditation vs. Hypnosis

Many people ask, what is the difference. Well this is my explanation, so I hope it helps you.

Meditation -is a state of simple relaxation, to release tension, that one attempts to achieve alone or in a group setting if you like being social or have never tried before.

Hypnosis is a Deeper state of Relaxation, where you are guided by an Hypnotherapist to  allow the brain to go to the deeper Theta waves. Yes it is easier to get to the Theta waves with direction and facilitation if you have not learned how to get there ever. Then placing the positive states in a detailed descriptive way to implement new behaviors you want to achieve. More likely to take at this level, if the person is ready for that change. Obviously you cannot instruct yourself with a new behaviour, with your old thoughts and processes, someone else has to do it. And if you have blocks you can work with them with NLP first then move forward with Hypnotherapy.

Neuro Linguistic Programming-about 40+ exercises that allow the mind, to shift their perspective in some form. Release tension on the surface level as well. Different exercises for different people and behaviors modifications.

When I first started out years ago, I didn’t even know how to meditate. I attended a group class and the instructor taught me how. This is easy to achieve after a few group classes. Its just getting the discipline to do it more often. Now a days my mind is at peace most days and I do various things to help me get back to peace, like watch the water, do spiritual outings, channel, write, or help others. Thats what I enjoy.

As for Hypnotherapy it really  allows you to let go, reacher higher brain waves, let go of wandering thoughts with firm instruction. Usually I take a questionnaire and/or ask questions to see how resistant your mind may be. There are different methods to get the outcomes you are seeking. Belief is everything. If you are a resistant type client then don’t expect to group Hypnotherapy to work on you every time, do a 1 to 1, so you can have your session tailored. If you’ve been meditation for some time then group may likely work on you. Yet remember group session are general topics anyone they are not tailored to specific, individual behaviors and personal goals.

I have used Hypnotherapy for different things myself. Such as to quit eating so much junk food. Ever since my teens, so about 25 years I have really liked the salty, snack foods that have little to no nutritional value. Until about 4 years ago Hypnosis got me to kick this habit once and for all. I still have the occasional handful of chips, yet not nearly like before. I liked eating donuts for breakfast with my coffee. And who wouldn’t with all the sugar and chocolate in the morning, it was delicious in my mind. As a teen my mother always served me coffee for breakfast, that was her thing. And I anchored those times with her, with coffee, imagine that!

I found out with NLP that I had anchored donuts to different times in my life that were good for me. So you see I was eating the donuts for more than just the delicious taste but the feelings it gave me. Boy was I glad to change my bad eating habits. One time in my 20’s I had gained 15 lbs from eating chips everyday for months. Yes, Doritos can do that to your waistline. I had just gone through the death of my father, as a child I always ate chips, it gave me comfort. I was so sad when he died, I guess I was just looking to replace the extreme sadness I felt. No amount of chips made the feelings go away completely. Grief is a process. Yet I know NLP and Hypnosis would of stopped me from going over board, I just didn’t know it back then. It took me months to run off all that weight i had gained in that month and I hated the process.

So if you have a bad habit you want to get rid of or a new goal you want to work on and can’t seem to achieve, definitely try NLP and Hypnotherapy. Its a powerful success formula.


D. Nefertiti

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