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The Illusion

Many people get caught up in the illusion of the world. If you haven’t heard of this…its another alternate reality that exists in the world that shows the negative of all things. Once you tap your intuitive senses and your inner abilities you will break through the illusion and notice this for yourself, if you haven’t already. Its the sort of thing where people claim the universe gave them signs to do negative things to others.

Some may refer to it as the dark side of life, the inner mind or whatever you want to call it. If you have ever ran into someone who feels their being wrongly directly by outside forces; other than mental illness, this may be what is occuring. Tune into yourself, your guides and always ask yourself when you question your personal motives of doing something that you know is not appropriate to another. I once had a friend who thought the universe/her guides told her to steal my boyfriend. Isn’t that crazy? Our guides would never direct us to do such things. Some people will claim they are doing things for God yet their actions speak louder than words.

Just the other day I heard of a 40 something woman compromising her superior; another woman. Just because the superior was awarded the VP position. It took the VP 10+ years of working 60 hours a week, leaving her family at home,working for various companies and she invested her entire career promoting Educational services. Yet no one even questioned the motives of the “lazy” worker, isn’t that interesting. This lazy worker spent her work time saying how much she disliked the VP and focused on every minor detail she didn’t agree with because she wasn’t awarded the VP position. And she complained just so she could get her VP fired. Now how despicable is that.  Unfortunately Ive seen this too often lately. If we women can support other women, what really is our worth?

So when you are considering your options in life, ask yourself; would you appreciate it, if another person did that to you? Because the karma we get is that the universe brings us a similar situation at an undetermined time in the future. I once was dealing with a situation that I nearly had no support from my significant other at the time. Ironically later that year he experienced a like situation he had to deal with. It really made him understand what I had to go through. Thats how the universe teaches us.

I feel we all intuitively know the difference between right and wrong yet it is our choice to live them out. Some people may justify their bad decisions against others and just say its their model of the world, so its okay. Yet it isn’t okay and it is not divine. Things such as stealing, killing, lying, cheating, screwing others because you think its funny, you get the picture.

Some people in the intuitive arenas are already discussing this (THE Illusion). And it is important to be aware of because not all signs in the UNIVERSE aren’t meant for you, not all signs are good. Be balance and be in tune.

Always ask this in my highest interest? AM I doing this in LOVE? Will I regret this later? I feel everyone must ask themselves profound questions to know more about themselves and why they do things. We do not have to screw other people to get ahead. I know this.

Anyone who tells you that attempts to sell you on quick fixes, if you take their class, their course, their remedy and you will be fixed after 1 session is clearing not being up front with you. As anything worthwhile takes months and years to get to. People like me can shift and help you to make the changes you are needing and get you on the right path. Most clients spend anywhere from a few sessions up to 1 year with me depending on how much they have to work on. I am temporary coach for them until they are ready to do it, on their own. Some people only need 1 session because they are that independent others more. Yet in the end we all have to do the work. Whatever it is for your path. Thats why I love coaching. I can figure out what the other person needs quickly, put it in a plan and get them going.

We are here to guide you to that and/or teach you to guide yourself. That should be the goal of every teacher on the planet.

Angel D. Nefertiti
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Do your part…for others and the Universe

Sometimes we are put in unpredictable situations that not only do we not expect to come up but we are called to act …in the name of service. Just recently I was sent and led to a local store. It turned out to be interesting too, because just like my Angel was driving the car I turned around to go back to a street I had just passed, and I didn’t know why at the time. I just knew to go back. I went down the street not knowing exactly where I was going. I saw the store and thought is this where my guides wanted me to go, I knew the store didn’t have what I needed yet figured there had to be something else they wanted me to find. I seriously thought this as I drove up. As I was looking for a parking spot, I ran into a young lady. She was 15, barefoot, had a very torn shirt, and some facial cuts on her. Her face was bloody and she looked scared. I pulled up and asked her if she was okay. She told me a group of girls had beat her up, she asked me for a quarter. Right then, I asked her if I could at least take her to the bus stop. She didn’t want to get into my car because she was in a very panicking fear like state. I understood, I gave her some money for the bus and felt sad that anyone would do that to another human being.I went into the store and looked for the item I was looking for and just as I thought, they didn’t have it. I kept thinking about that poor girl and what those girls did to her and for no reason other than to be bullies. So awful.
In the last 5 years I have seen this happen in the professional world as well, its really sad that women can not be more supportive of each other. I use to work in Education years ago and this “keep you down” mentality didn’t really exist; everyone was happy that you were bettering yourself, seeking a higher position or moving forward in your life. And if one landed a better position everyone knew the person had earned it, that they had the best experience and that they had the most education or were the best for the job. At that point I was working for a female Dean, she had a PHD, and she was my inspiration in my 20’s. She gave us direction, then let us do our job. It was truly liberating as a women in Business/Education. Doesn’t everyone want a boss that will say, “YOU can do it and go for it”. Life is sure a teacher.
In this economy Ive never seen so much FEAR in my life. I recently attended an inspirational speakers event, I was helping the organization for the day. And the speaker used fear to get people to buy her next event, making them feel as if they didn’t purchase her product they would be failing in life. How she set it up was in disguise of motivation yet there was a lot of fear tactics in her presentation. Since I am educated in various things and highly in tune, i knew this was occurring; it made me upset that this organization allowed her to come to motivate the group and she was scaring the group to purchasing her coaching. Its sad to see this with seminars. I know that is why my gut was just sick and why I left the room. I felt her intention as I sat there and it was hard to swallow. It upset me because this was an underserved community and I found it despicable that someone felt that they needed to use guilt tactics for sales with a nonprofit group and their audience. I guess thats partly why I was told to go there as I wasn’t really planning on going that day. We all can play a part in the energy of a room.
I feel its everyones job to step up every now and then for someone else, especially when you see injustice. Thats what make you an “earth Angel” and/or a more in tune human being to our greater existence. What if you were the one that could make the difference? Would you keep your mouth shut or would you say something? Ponder that. And you never know, one day some one may return the favor.
There was another time about 4 years ago where these men were harassing and man handling this young lady in the parking lot of where I lived; I stopped, honked my horn and called the cops. I didn’t care if I was a woman alone in my car, i couldn’t just let them rape her in front of me. This actually did make them check their behavior, enough for them to stop, look over and let her go. Who knows what they would of done to her had I not took the time to do something very basic. We are all defenders and protecters of humanity.

D. Nefertiti

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Life is like a Mirror..

This article is for people looking to improve themselves, learn more about their mind and seek to increase their ENERGY by letting go of OLD beliefs.

Some times life is a mirror. And what you need to work on will be put right in front of you. For some of you on the higher vibrations you may have noticed this already. So if someone happens to say something to you about their life and it bothers you remember, it only bothers you because you may need to work on it. IF you didn’t then it would not bother you.

I took a psychology class and they call it projection. Once you overcome your problem or fear, it will no longer bother you. I know one day a friend of mine was indirectly telling me what she thought I needed to work on. In fact it didn’t bother me at all because I knew that wasn’t my TRUTH, it was hers. Perhaps she just needed to say it out loud to make herself feel better. Some women should really stop comparing themselves to others. We all are good at different things. Even if you perceive someone to be better at something, so what, why is it a problem for you? AND what it is their strength? Go find yours. Use reframing, as I teach in NLP to adjust your perspective.
Im at a point in life, where if something bothers me, I ask my higher self: “Why does it bother me?, Why cant I let it go?” I know if may difficult at times to do this. Yet it is the only way to learn and grow and go to the higher vibrations we are all seeking. I am at a point in life where if I have made a mistake, I have absolutely no problem, reevaluating the situation, saying I’m sorry, trying to correct things or working on whatever comes up. Most of the time, life is just a bunch of miscommunications.

I see people get angry over emails, even when their not sure what the real intention was. Hey I like the phone or in person meetings, try that, its the most effective as you know already. I use to work for a University, I had very little time in the office as I was out getting business 90% of the time. I would write short concise emails and sometimes people would add a lot of their owns meanings to a 1 sentence response. Imagine that.  So check your internal dialogue, like they say in NLP. Is it the other person, or is it YOU?
Most people can be very competitive. I see these with younger souls or younger people. Honestly when Im totally grounded, I really could care less. I do not need to be the Best at anything, I just want to do MY BEST and try my best and participate. Thats what life is about, isn’t it?

Im doing as much as I can for moment, sometimes it a lot other times its not a whole lot because of blocks. Either through people or my body who just wants a break. Hey its okay. Im not a spring chicken anymore and I don’t need to pretend that I can even keep up with the 20 somethings physical agility.  I do what I can for me, others or whatever task I feel the divine has me work on. ITs not personal or against anyone else.
As an old soul one realizes one can learn from everyone, if your open & willing. Since I know this is one of many lives Im not worried about being the best, I am already one of the oldest souls, once you get to a certain soul age, it really doesn’t matter.

Fame is over rated, just be happy.

Today as I look out into the ocean I see the peace and beauty that is already here. The dolphins taking a swim and jumping through the air in Delight. Now why can’t we humans be more like them?

D. Nefertiti

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