Angel Numbers part 2

I think spirit definitely has a sense of humor. I was doing a past life regression last week and while under the person told me to look out for the number 7. I sort of laughed, was puzzled by that, but thought okay.

Then the very next day, I thought what the heck did that mean and just let it go. Anyhow, I was looking for new offices closer to the freeway and the building had a number 7, so I thought what the heck, maybe thats what she meant. Ill take a look.
I did, it was fine. The owner owns 2 buildings, this one was to the right, of the 1st building. I thought, its okay, it will do the job. I checked my navigation and this building was exactly 7 miles from the area I live in. I thought, wow, now thats interesting. As I drove up on the other side of the street a car was parked and the the license plate was “7 works”. I saw this, and was taken back.
On our way to the Vortex many people were greeting us that we started counting after the 2nd one. 3,4,5,6,7,8,9.10 and 11. We were so excited. I said wow, people are more clear and the energy is good here. And the 12th person had a shirt that said “Hi”. My husband said do we count that one, I said of course. Thats how spirit works, they make their point, so you cant miss it.

So at the end of the week my husband and I went to Sedona by plane, which its an amazing spiritual place to visit. The people were so nice and it was extremely peaceful, so many spiritual people out there, it was a breath of fresh air.
Many things went wrong, but spirit really took care of us. So I completely acknowledge that.We arrived at 11pm to Sedona, our prepaid condo was sold because they thought we were going to be a no show. I kept getting the message to call, so I did and they informed me our room was gone, they directed us to another location 30 minutes away so we could have a room for the night. In the end it all worked out and they said they’d refund our money in the future. A

Anyhow, on day 3 we drove back to return the car, and I joked with my husband that we have to drive home, then I saw the delay notice in my email. I kept telling him we needed to get to a coffee shop to charge my phone, well we never went and went to the airport early. On the tram from the car rental, I got the notice that our flight was canceled due to bad weather back east.
Right then I realized I had all ready received the information I was just not accepting it. There were no flights available and no solutions were offered. My husband insisted that we drive home.We finally found another car and headed home close to midnight.
On the way home I drove by an Indian casino at 3 am or so, the 7’s were flashing on the laser billboard. I told my husband we were suppose to stop, I told him to go back, he wouldnt. He didn’t listen and a minute later it rained so hard we couldn’t see. I kept telling him to go back. We had to drive 20 mph on the freeway, a sign from above, you think?
Anyhow, throughout my trip they used the number ‘7’ for me to notice “certain messages” that stated I am to quit my corporate client altogether and serve this community. So many messages I was honestly surprised, thats why they sent me to Sedona.

Okay so my intuitive analysis is just to say, Angels can communicate multiple ways. And for those coming here looking for numbers as the solution to there problems, well there is no Angel bible as you know already. And a number can have many meanings to many different people. Teach yourself many things so you are not limited. Channel, meditate, and have many teachers, this is necessary. Many of us have different gifts, so no need to spend enormous amounts of cash;  learning, there are many reputable, local spiritual centers with great people offering group classes. Now if your looking for one to one sessions. Do your homework.

xoxo, in love,

D. Nefertiti
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