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The Truth of 9-11-01

God has lots of Angels on earth to help level out the darkness, lower vibrations of fear, control and things of this nature. Everything from everyday pets to Humans and many species from other planets have in carted to help this planet from total destruction and destroying it. Like using up all the resources, certainly another flood can be an option for our creator; yet if we can bring consciousness forward that is  a better solution. And we all won’t have to start over, on this planet anyways. Its move forward in many ways and gone reverse in some.

I dont think this theory about 9-11 is a new one, as thats how the Catholic Church came about, for control of the people. I cannot confirm if this is true or not, you must decide for yourself. Yet I truly believe NOT!!

Unfortunately for governments; the population is too big now and many people aren’t buying what the churches are selling, everyone has different opinions, views and up bringings and many people are questioning the entire premise of damning their neighbor to HELL when God created us all. How does that make any sense?

The truth is, is you don’t need a government or other entities to choose your healthcare, make your choices, take away your freedoms, manage the internet or to take care of you. You already know how to do that yourself.

Believe in freedom, loving they neighbor and living in peace because that is our true nature.

9-11 was unfortunate, it was not our government and I believe it had nothing to do with insurance. Yet Im sure the book may reveal some interesting things and maybe a fun read. This is my perspective. Sometimes God puts you in the right place, at the right time, to get the information you need. Lets just say a few months back I was in Washington and I actually met someone who had an inside scoop that it was terrorist related, there were warnings, yet they weren’t taken as seriously as they could of been. Live and learn. And I believe this is why I was sent to that area to get information on this. As I had asked for clarity. Amazing really.

your Queen,

D. Nefertiti

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One Soul, One Body!!

Last week I dealt with a person who was told that another entity may attempt to take over her body; by a person in the profession, sometimes logic is the answer to such lies. As light workers you are Gods hands and should seek not to create such things on this plane. Fear and control are unnecessary.

You have one soul and that soul is assigned to only one body. At night you may travel or do what you will. Yet you are not living in multiple worlds physically. You may experience the other dimension, yet you are still in human form, as “I am”.

God can and he does because he is behind the scenes; yet we can can not, that is part of the deal when you come to earth. The same goes for me. Some people like to say I am elsewhere, but I am not, I am here with you. What better gift than in form.…human form, bringing consciousness forward with divine, loving energy.
We are all releasing, growing and bringing our gifts forward into this world and this dimension. It is truly beautiful when I can scan someones body with my hands and know whats wrong. Or when Im given someone future. Its fun and nice that we have those innate abilities and we allow them to flow through to share with others.
If you want to create something for your future do it when your BALANCED and HAPPY not when your upset or angry.
The goal in life is to listen to your internal guidance and your personal guides (-who will demonstrate NO EGO); and guide yourself. No need to diminish your own self worth or make others Godlike. It is my hope that you learn from me, in the ways I offer you, grow and move into your own future; that is the goal.
A quick note on agreements: although we make agreements, we change and alter our path as we come here. Lets face it, life and ideals are harder in human form as we encounter feelings. We have free will. No one to blame for personal choices, other than self. So if you if you do not like a choice, re decide.

It would be nice if people honored their sacred agreements, but welcome to planet earth, where anything can happen when EGO and MONEY$$ gets in they way.

Spiritual Guides are there to help, not brag, boast or anything else.

Respect Life, Respect the Earth.

Your Queen,

D. Nefertiti

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