Loving the things you Hate..

Have you ever asked your higher self why you really hate something?

Chances are the root cause is not from the current issue but from something in your past. Such as childhood trauma or a past life. I learned this in a Psychology class I taught for a local church some years back.

So thank the person who “triggered it for you” yet its truly not ‘their’ fault. They’ve uncovered your pain, weakness or shadow side. You can fix the thoughts of your mind. Most of the negative thoughts you’ve probably made up yourself, assumed or let someone else tell you because you asked for their opinion. Which could of been wrong and a bit negative where it didn’t help you.
So now that you are aware of this pain, what are you going to do about it? Chances are you don’t know how to address it. Thats why hypnosis and NLP are powerful mind methods to overcome your internal hidden fears. I know Ive used many of these techniques on myself in the last 12 years. Lets just say you dont overcome death, divorce and other life issues on your own; most of the time.

So give it a try. Feel free to contact me if you’d  like to schedule a private session. Trust me it will be worth your investment. Ive taken over 10 training courses throughout the USA, and I learned a lot on the way. I first started because figuring out intelligence and emotional intelligence was just intriguing to me. Yet Im a thinker, so I like those type of things.

Let go of your internal dialogue of fear, hate or whatever else that makes you less than the divine creation God made you to be.
I personally created the Queen Nefertiti brand as a tribute to all our past lives, journeys and all the obstacles we as people, have overcome through time; yet in reality we are much older than just a few thousand years old. Yet I knew most people have lived in Egypt at some point in their existence that they could relate on a higher conscious field. The times of Egypt were not fun, in fact they were very harsh, no matter who you were. Lets just say, its good to be in much better times.

Let go of your past, live in the present.

We create the future, the future doesn’t create us.


D. Nefertiti


YouTube: Queen Nefertiti R

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