When Spirit wants you to know something, you are going to get the message one way or another.

I believe if spirit wants you to know something you are going to get the message one way or another. I feel this is the case for those who actively practice their intuitive skills or who work in the industry.
Most recently, I had a friend come to my mind, actually a few times with in the week, yet I wasn’t sure why. We had become distant in the last year. I saw her last at the begging of the new year. As she was busy with her kids, her life and I was busy with mine.
Well last month I was teaching my ‘You too can be Psychic course” and I had received a phone call from her friend inquiring about my class. He had asked me if I knew her. I only knew 2 people by her name yet she was the only one that shorten her name. Well I said so and so from this location and he said yes, her.  Apparently they were close friends who spoke everyday. He had informed me that she had recently died. I just couldn’t believe it. It just shows you that we can get busy with life and some one we know can be battling something we never imagined. She died of breast cancer and as I write this, can you believe the Price is Right is on and the show is all about breast cancer survivors. wow! If that isn’t the universe, listening what is??
In this moment I realized exactly why I had the memories of her and her children, and that is why they kept coming to me. It was because she had crossed and she was trying to tell me to reach out to her, so I could find this out. And I write this my angel/spirit tapped the window.

And when Im too busy with life, I receive many messages in meditation and in the dream state. I am very grateful for this guidance.

D. Nefertiti

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