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Dear Friends and Followers

I learned some valuable life saving health tips; that help me lose weight, cut the cancerous ingredients out of my diet and got me to reduce my size by 10.8% in a short period of time. So please read and implement; as it will be the best 7 minutes you have spent on future self.

Vegetables that are grown that are not organic are sprayed with toxic pesticides to keep the bugs off them. Even if you clean them, there is no way to remove the toxins once soaked in. Unfortunately there is no way for these chemicals not to pass into the vegetables themselves, as you know already. Which make the vegetables toxic, which one consumes. This is legal in the USA but not in EUROPE. So don’t rely on the FDA to watch what you EAT!

Recently a study was conducted of a family of 4 who ate nonorganic foods. The youngest son was only a year and 1/2. All their poison levels were off the charts. Can you believe that, even the  18 month year old? They then switched out all their food. After 2 weeks of eating ONLY organic foods the poisons had disappeared almost completely.

I know this takes some effort to Eat and Buy organic, to read labels, to ask how locations how make they make their food and to choose wisely but in the long term our human bodies cannot sustain these foreign substances. Also with more of us asking for these items…thats how we will get restaurants to use better ingredients.

Such as:

1. Genetically Modified ingredients: Corn, Wheat, Margarine; other..

2.  Lean towards raw cheeses ot those with enzymes.

3. NoN organic Vegetables or meats-

4. Boxed foods with too many created ingredients; foreign to our digestive track

5. Fried foods w/hydrogenated oils

6. Cooking w/the wrong oils that change the molecular structures.

7. Watch the fast foods, check who delivers real ingredients like #Panera

8. Watch can foods that have fake ingredients; you’ll know them; if you cant pronounce them.

9. Yes eating organic may cost you 25% more now; but eating poison will cost you your life in the long run. Toxins, additives and chemicals are causes of cancer.

10. Buy organic chicken or meat; as the others may have extra hormones or feed unnatural things which you too are consuming.

Even if you have to eat less to buy Organic, its so worth it. Personally I have lost 13 lbs!  and reduced my body mass by 10.8% in just 10 months; by just switching to All Organics.  I’m just a few pounds off from my college weight by eating CLEAN; 15 years later!! Keep in mind our metabolism slows down every 7 years,  So to me that is Real proof that our bodies need natural foods & cannot effectively metabolize,  digest or break down what I call– the Fake foods.

I also recommend things like:

  1. A naturally made daily vitamin
  2. A 30 billion probiotic for it to be effectiv in the gut. Buy the refrigerated kind; its the most effective. This is the good bacteria for the gut, take it daily, it can be found at Sprouts.
  3.  Digestive enzymes for those with a sensitive stomach.

Avoid sodas because they eat up the good bacteria, avoid diet sodas because the additives are bad, watch your yeast (breads/pastas/dough etc) in take because it throws everything off balance. Have coffee in moderation; I suggest doing the #Nespresso espresso because its lower in acidity or other blend low in acidity. Especially for those trying to keep their PH in balance. Women have to watch this more than men because our hormone levels fluctuate through out the month as you know.

xoxo, D. Nefertiti B.A

Twitter:Queen Nefertiti R@AQueenNefertiti


The don’t eat Food list below:

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