Connecting to Source For the purest information

I find connecting to “Source” is when I obtain my purest form of information, clarity, guidance and sense of connection. Which comes in many forms: through meditation, instant downloads, dreams, visions, feelings, a sense of knowing, hearing words from guides, remembering past conversations that relate to the current situation, writing, or using tools to access more information etc.

Most of the time I do not feel “ALONE” because I do this. This has been the greatest gift to myself. Often it is my guides or the universe having me share my energy with groups, causes, etc. Furthermore the more I do this, the more “free” I am from others opinions and influence from my life. Pure knowledge is key.
Who better to guide you than “source”? I do believe the key in life is to guide thyself. Theres nothing wrong with learning from others if in fact there is something to learn, sometimes they are there to learn from you. You will have to decide what the case is with each situation. Life is give and take; yet we all need to have a balance.
We all have different levels of energy and you can choose how to use that energy in life. Just depending on how old (so to speak) your soul is and how much you’ve worked on getting that vibration up to creating and manifesting. Just yesterday I visited the dog shelter to attract others to go adopt them; as I am allergic to dog hair, sadly. Thats what your energy can do for a cause once you elevate it to the higher levels.
I find in today’s age many people walk around with their pretend mask on; pretending to be who others want them to be rather than “just being”. If you do this ever, just ask yourself are you living for you or others? Other peoples opinion, of their often screwed perspectives doesn’t really matter anyway. As they do not seek your approval to live…do they. Only you can decide what is a priority in your life.
At the end of day you can obtain any advice or feedback from others yet you must decide what is ultimately best for your life. So seeking out who you want to learn from and what you are interested in is what you must do to be happy and successful in anything you want to accomplish.

D. Nefertiti

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