Stepping out of the Norm..

Being true to you…
Often I see many people living for others. Living to impress others, living to please others, living to make mom, dad, sister, friend, co-worker or relative happy. At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter what other people think or want for you because you have to live your life for you, not them.
Anyone can give you advice, but can they really live it for you? ..
Its easy to judge a situation, an idea or a person and say; this or that isn’t right, or this isn’t perfect. What is perfect anyway? Yet the wisest souls already know life isn’t perfect and everyone is making it up as we go along. To be wise, is to have empathy for other peoples pain, struggles, or life challenges; because thats what true wisdom is.

We are stuck in a society that raises many children to conform; to not have an opinion different than the norm, to live perfect lives, to make a lot of money, to get a job, to do what everyone else is doing and not to discuss deep issues. Yet is this model really helping anyone?

Feel free to be you; to be unique. Love yourself by saying “NO” to other peoples opinions for your life AND “YES” to yourself. Remember You make the rules for you.
Sometimes we encounter people who have very little control of their ‘own’ life that they impose their “will” about everything onto others. If you find yourself in these situations, just say no thank you, I got it covered.

Dont control other people, just yourself.

D. Nefertiti

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