Why Revenge is Completely Unnecessary…

The Universe is set up in such a way that anyone who wrongs you purposely or with negative intentions will get the same deed right back to them; where it is returned to them in a fashion where they will eventually learn or digest the lesson of their mis-intentions (actions) towards whatever individual. This is why I don’t ever worry about those who intentionally have harmed or attempted to harm me because I know when they do (X) to me they are also doing to that to themselves in the future. So if they strong enough to bear such a burden, so be it. We can not control others.

Everyone operates from their view of the world, and sometimes the view isn’t positive, so they must learn by wronging others, younger souls do this. The more lives one has, I believe the less you will do things such as these because your soul knows the consequence. I know people don’t really explain this well.
Life itself will teach you many lessons by watching others, being with others, situations will arise and you will ultimately learn. I believe this is what people mean when  they tell other people; “learn the lesson or repeat it”.
Sometimes the divine will share truth with you in the moment, beforehand or in the future. I use to wonder why some things were not revealed before hand or in the moment, so I can prepare myself. Well because some times little or big wrongs must happen so one person can back away from negativity and the other party can be allowed to choose their destiny so to speak: of having good intention or  of (doing the opposite) getting a lesson returned to them.
Often I think; “what is going on in the planet”, that people would do such things to each other; set them in motion, not only to others, but to themselves. They must not know how the Universe is set up, or they wouldn’t do it, in my opinion.
I think everyone needs RAW Examples:
So heres one.

Someone befriends you, to get information from you. They walk away, take that information, twist it and twist the truth, change it completely, nows its a lie, they then deliver it to someone else to compromise you without you knowing. In the doing or action they had a choice; to be genuine or be deceptive. In this case they choose deception.
The return for them;  some call Karma: One day someone will do the same or like action(s) to them when it actually matters. It will be a time of importance for the individual, so they will learn. They think they got away with being deceptive or whatever  but they didn’t. Because truth is always found out through spirit or others who represent the divine.
I get my information many ways, I will channel it, then the confirmation is sent through the universe, it could be print, radio or other means. As long as Im grounded and clear, I can receive/see the message.
I feel I always receive truth for clients, now if the news doesn’t seem so positive, I always give them “a remedy to repair their situation”; thats the divine gift. Because no one wants to hear bad news and life is about learning. Wouldn’t you want to know the earth “learning” today instead of 10 years from now. I know I do.
If you are having issues with someone, a company or an organization; go to them directly if possible; work it out or just move on. Its always wise to go direct, as the more people you involve in situations; the lines of communication can really break down and truth may not be truth.
I hope this helps you in some form,

I wish you peace, love, & prosperity to you!!

D. Nefertiti


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