Forgive Yourself…

Forgive your self for not being perfect, for not being like every one else, for putting yourself first. Often in life you will have to tell people NO, you will have to tell them your life is none of their business and you will have to put yourself first. Because no one will meet your needs better than yourself. No one can truly live your life but you.
Sure everyone has an opinion to share but your life is none of their business, unless you give them permission. Most of the time peoples perceptions are a true refection of themselves and their issues, not yours. Because if you don’t have a problem with yourself or your life then why does “their” unsolicited opinion matter??? It doesnt. Keep going, dont give up, you are entitled to live your life your way and make your own choices despite any critics who are too bored with their life to work on themselves.
Many people are striving for a concept of unknown perfection. First of all it doesn’t existence and you don’t need to be perfect. Just do your best everyday and know it is good enough. Do what makes you healthy and happy with out having to compromise others.
Personally I believe thanking people who help me, the Universe, other life forms and God; allows me to appreciate their help, their existence and their loving gifts.
D. Nefertiti
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