Focus on whats good in your life.

Ive been through so much crazy, sad, unpredictable, situations in my life & perhaps I should be sad, But Im not. I focus on whats good in my life, right now. Sure many things have not gone right for me, but many have.  As I try to grow and teach and do more Spiritually.
This is what it takes to remain in the HAPPY state we all desire. Things may always go slightly array but we don’t have to let it destroy our inner joy and happiness. The media and people might tell you why you should be sad. But rejoice you are alive and you can embrace this moment, this life.
Some people/Media focus on what their President isn’t, why not focus on whats positive about him. He’s an American trying to stand up for rights of his people & his country, a tough job really. Attempting to create jobs for those who need money and work. He’s trying to change Healthcare so people like me don’t have to pay $700 a month just to have healthcare or so my client, a small company, can afford to provide that benefit for me. Prior to Obamacare my health insurance was $350, it doubled.
Life isn’t always going to be perfect yet we don’t have to make or feel everything is gloomy. “Keep your inner peace”.

XOXO D. Nefertiti

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