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At times, Spirit will lead me to “additional information” for others & at first I may not know why I came across the information, yet the person does pop into my mind, until I later put it together. Then I pass it along, and later it makes more sense when the receiver explains why they needed that extra info.
I was at the gym, I felt moved to speak w/this lady. On this particular DAY it was mostly men in the gym, so it was uncanny that I saw her the week before and then noticed her again. Then she sat next to me while doing the bike. Apparently I have the same name as her mother & it was her mother trying to connect with her who she said she missed. Life is about timing. She was preparing for a minor surgery & wanted the (extra) support, she just hadn’t consciously acknowledged it. Yet did say she was missing her mother once she opened up to me. I kept feeling pressed to talk to her, so I know there was a message to deliver & I did. She wasn’t quite open to all of the message, as she was stuck in her own mindset. Yet I know one day she will fully understand.
I know spirit is always with us, &  attempting to connect. We can scream and cry, and in those moments of vulnerability when we are open, thats when the message(S) arrives.
For those who like their messages on DEMAND, you may contact me via phone for a private phone/skype appointment. 949-945-8706

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